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  1. Advent Modena M201 Touchpad Driver Windows 10

Margaret1) Packard Bell / Acer machines usually come with a hidden recovery image on the hard drive which can be launched using the correct key combination at startup. Check the documentation which came with the machine. I'm guessing you got yours from a PC World or Currys store - they used to create a recovery disk at point of sale as part pf their setup service - but personal experience has suggested that this often went wrong.The actual key combination depends on the model and version of windows - so check your documents2) It should be possible to remove the password from the PC, but how its done depends on whether its a BIOS or Windows password, and on the Windows version. Without more info its impossible to guide further. aware that we've always been reticent about offering password cracking advice online as we've had too many episodes with stolen machines being hacked.

The VIA ATA driver controls both SATA and IDE functions, but I don't think we used SATA drives with that board. If it errors, don't worry about it. The spreadsheet my data comes from specifically mentions disabling SATA in the BIOS, so unless you've fitted a SATA drive yourself, don't worry about it.Don't flash the BIOS as doing so would disable the Windows activation string - we used our own BIOSes on these boards, not the default MSI ones.Ignore the floppy boot disk - thats only needed if you were installing from an early-version Microsoft Windows XP disk - which didn't have SATA drivers on it. As I don't think your machine has SATA (and has obviously installed OK) then you don't need to worry about itas to the Radeon driver, try googling for 'Radeon 9200 all-in-wonder' - but be careful, theres a lot of malware out there. This used the MSI MS-6741 motherboard - a VIA K8M800 chipset for Athlon K8 processors.I can't find it under that name on the MSI website, but I believe the K8TN-ILSR is the same model.

If so, driver downloads are atappear to be an ATi Radeon 9200 All-in-wonder with an integrated analogue TV tunerThe graphics driver should be available from the AMD website, but I don't think the ATi media player / tuner software will be available there - that was always heavily restricted. Motherboard in that is an MSI MS-6382E V3 with a KT333 chipset. Some had a generic VIA AC97 audio codec, but most had a Creative codec chip, the CT5880, which was a software implementation of the hardware Creative Ensoniq chips.yeah confusing.The board isn't documented on the MSI site - it was only sold to OEMs. HP used a lot of them - documented atHP dont have a download for it, nor do Creative. However this looks like it may be the right driverftp:// you get totally desperate I may be able to find an old Time driver disk in the attic. Raylike many machines of the time, they were supplied without sufficient RAM. The likes of Dell bullied Microsoft into dropping the minimum specs - and got it wrong.

Since then the XP operating system has got bigger and more bloated, resulting in machines that could cope then, no longer canI appreciate your point about the cost, but to be honest even at five quid I don't think they're worth the effort.As for the hard drive issue.Advent used to 'tattoo' some of their laptop drives, so did Acer which could well stop them booting in other machines without being reformatted and reinstalled.not sure if thats the case here. More likely the drive or PC is knackered (despite your comments to the contrary). Unless you tell us exactly at which point boot fails, what you see on screen, and the details of any error message then there is little we can do to adviseHowever as a couple of general points1) buying second hand laptops is usually a waste of money. They're usually for sale because they are faulty2) Acer laptops are not exactly the most reliable brand. They have more than their share of motherboard failures (or at least the older models did). Buying a second-hand Acer is a likely way of blowing your money awayIn this case, what do you intend to do with it256GB RAM, an old Celeron CPU, the hard drive you are trying to fit is a 40GB IDE unit. It doesn't have the power to run Windows XP, let alone a modern operating system.

Windows Me or 2000 would run on it OK. Nothing newerGive up before you waste more money.

Trickymost solvents will dissolve the screen.a small amount of isopropanol ('IPA') may work. Use very small quantities on a cloth, not paper.or, you can try one of the citrate-based cleaning products which are less aggressive to plastics.

For cleaning screens I tend to use 'Timclean' or something similar. Its not intended for screens, but if used sparingly it works.

Whether it will remove ink is a different question.Timclean You're going to have to mount that drive as a slave in another PC (best to use a USB adaptor), read the data you need off it the other PC, then put the drive back in, reformat it completely and then reinstall from scratch. Nothing else is going to workAs for it 'costing a lot of money'. Its around 14 years old.


Its underpowered, underspecified, slow and by modern standards decrepit. It won't play modern games, its an art getting it to play DVDs due the VIA graphics chipSave yourself the pain and bin it. Its life expired.

I don't think you've got a chance of running Vista on thatMotherboard is a Gigabyte 7ZMMP v0.2, (or 7ZMM+) from memory thats an old VIA KM133 chipset which won't be supported in Vista. CPU is a 900MHz socket A Athlon, and its only got 128MB SDRAM. Even the modem is unsupported - its from PC-TEL who are long dead.We had fun and games getting these to work in XP let alone Vista.the graphics were totally unstable and caused a BSOD on boot until we found a kludge of how to set the shared memory up in the BIOS. The sound chip is a Creative Ensoniq CT5880 chip and won't work in VistaSeriously, forget it: it really is not going to workFor interest the page for this motherboard family is atmost recent drivers they offer are for Win2000.

In Garry's defence I have noticed a few occasions when if you try to access system restore from either the boot menu or within windows, you're told theres no restore pointbut if you boot from a windows CD and use the recovery features from there, the restore points appear. Only seen it about ten times - but out of the total number of PCs I've handled that small.The other peculiarity of Win7 system recovery is that it sometimes tells you it hasn't worked.when it has!However I don't think this is Garry's issue. Acer parts can be hard to get hold of unless you have an licenced repairer agreement with them.Otherwise its a case of ripping the machine apart, identifying the model number of the fan, googling it and hoping you can find a trader in China who has oneYou can't just go off the laptop model number as different batches often used different partsHowever its unlikely the fan is faulty, more probably its full of dirt. In which case strip it down and clean it.I've given you the site where Tim in Australia has a copy of the manual.You say you're a computer tech. Give it a go. Or if you want the full way to do it.Boot into safe modeDo a drive clean up to remove temp and other junk filesFollow this with a similar scan using CCleanerRun 'Autoruns', identify any rogue items and disable themUnhide 'hidden' files and delete any suspicious files or folders found by AutorunsOne by one go through the user profiles, Program Files, Program Data, Windows, and Windows System32 folders looking for, and deleting anything rogueRun RKILLThis doesn't remove anything.

Don't waste your time or moneyI get daily e-mails from companies who do this in large volumes, and its clear there is no money in it. The margins are awful, you would have to offer a warranty with the machines (bad news on old machines), and to cap it all as a fair number of the parts will have to go as scrap you would have to register under the WEEE waste regulations and quite possibly require a controlled waste storage permit.Put it into perspective - the new hard drives would be worth more than the machine. 'windows system32 config system error or missing' is a classic symptom of a memory problem. It could be faulty memory, but as you say it looks like this board has issues anyway (at least Tom's Hardware forum seems to think so)Its a cheap board from ECS, and they're not reknowned for stability or longevity, so no real surprise.Basic rule - once you've got it running stabily, leave well alone.However, this may be one of those cases where it could be worth upgrading the BIOS.

Assuming you are using a real MS Windows CD, and not installing from a PB or Acer recovery disk, check the ECS website for a BIOS update. ECS are notorious for releasing update after update to resolve glitches. Colit had been put to bed - last post was over a year agoActually I don't think you're right over the diagnosis. These machines used a VIA Chrome 9 graphics chip, and I've yet to hear of any solder problems with those.

Yes they have other problems associated with VIA chipsets, but as far as I'm aware the solder failing is not one of them.The machines with the solder issue were generally nVidia based.Its a cheap machine, using a VIA chipset and an ECS motherboard. Both indicate a predestination to premature component failure. This one lasted four years - quite good for an ECS motherboard really. I guess by 'driver manager' you mean one of these driver-finding programs? It probably misidentified the sound chip.This machine is really a Quanta EAA-88 EF6, but Quanta have NO customer-facing support. However, CTL also sold the same machine, and the correct drivers are atboth the sound and modem drivers, as the two are using the same circuitry. I've lost count of how many times this question has come up, and its easily found by searching the forumthe camera drivers need to be updated, but Dixons have pulled them off their websiteWe THINK the correct drivers are the ones described as the Live OSD driver in the download section atas no-one we've sent there has ever bothered to give us feedback we don't really know for sure.

Advent Modena M201 Touchpad Driver

Ah, so you gave us the wrong model number? We can only go on the info you provide.Anyway that now makes more sense. In my experience the DGND3700 is an unreliable paperweight. In the last couple of years I've come across many that have failed within weeks of purchase.My view?

Try another make of router. Netgear units are overpriced anyway.As an aside, this really is the wrong week to be having problems with Talktalk. They really have been in a bad way recently - don't expect much sense from themSee Is that a question or a statement?the DVD drive has probably failed.

Its got a slot loading laptop drive in that, and realigning it after replacing is not easy.these ECO PCs are a triumph of engineering stupidity, with no cooling fan (the case is the heat sink), a case which is almost impossible to realign correctly, which overheats, and uses a non-standard laptop CPU. Take off the top and bottom protection caps and you'll find two sheets of chicken wire underneathOne of the few cases that needs a spanner to take apart, as well as a screwdriver. I'd suggest that its more likely to be a motherboard problem. Its failing to POST, and what you're hearing is a combination of the POST error bleeps, and the CPU fan running at full speed (which is what P4 systems do at startup)I don't know the model of your machines, but Packard Bell systems of this age had a generic problem with their motherboard: they had cheap capacitors which leaked. The boards were made by Gigabyte, who were aware of the problem but refused to accept any responsibility to consumers. But after seven years this one has had a pretty good life!

Most died much earlier.My personal view is that repairing this machine would not be cost effective. Far better to buy a new machine. If I'm right, the hard drive may still be OK, and it may be possible to copy your files by attaching it to the new machineAgain, any of our team should be able to do this for you. That uses one of Acers own motherboards, so nothing marked on the board will helpFrom memory, thats as small form factor unit using an AMD Athlon or Phenom processor. The only upgrade possible would be to a compatible Phenom X4 with the same socket. However I wouldn't bother - the cooling in those only just copes with the installed CPU, if you upgrade you're heading for a problem with it overheating.

There isn't room to add an extra fan, or a third party CPU fanAs to graphics, you may be able to get a low profile card in there, but again I wouldn't bother. Theres an nVidia 8200 IGP in there, you'll be hard pushed to find an inexpensive card that would make a signigicant difference without again raising the spectre of overheating.To top it all, my experience has been that these motherboards are unreliable - at three years, yours has outlasted most of the ones I've seenMy advice would be to run this machine until it fails, and save your money up for a better replacement in a standard sized case. Not a small form factor machine like thisThese small machines are really intended as home entertainment TV/Video/Internet systems, not for gaming. OK so that link went badly wrong.on digging further ECS have TWO download sites for it, and neither has a manual. Nor do Gericom in Germany, who also resold theseThe two sites 'it says my model is Dixonsxp'thats simply the identifier string in the BIOS DMI to enable the SLP preloaded windows software to activateNow you have the info to use a Dixons recovery disk on a non-Dixons PC - you just need to know where to put the string in the DMI.The model number will be on a makers plate on the backActually there will be TWO model numbers, one from Dixons/Advent, and one from the people who really made the machine.which according to UKTSupport is Uniwill/ECS - and that should read U51IL or similarYes, its another model U51IL1.and yep, its not on the Uniwill website.

Not been any details on there for years about itThese other Advent models also use the same chassis - 5511, 5611, 5612, 5711, 5712 5431If you can find a driver for one of these it may work on yours. Just discovered I had previously downloaded the iso image for the similar 8375from memory the only difference is in the graphics chip - both have VIA/S3 chips, but different onesMotherboard and audio are both standard VIAHopefully the modem and wireless drivers on this disk will work - but its possible that Time used alternative chips as these are plugin parts. If they don't work, then sorry I can't help moreI'll have another look at the graphics later and see if I can ID the actual chip usedposted online at That model (not serial) number doesn't match anything I have, and the numbers used indicate it was probably made by the 'new' Time Computers, post bankruptcy. I'd been made redundant before then, so don't have any of their recordsTo break down the numbersSorry, but can't help.

Could be anything in there - you've going to have to take it apart00025 was originally used on a Pentium III model twelve years or so ago. Looks like the number has been reusedPG indicates a Gigabyte motherboard, the 16th model used: but does not indicate which one. I'd left before the numbers got that highG8 indicates a version of Vista or Win7 - again, after I'd left.

Is this the same model?so the fan is part of the power supply. The power supply is non-standard, only comes from Acer and (last time I asked) cost a fortune.The case has inadequate cooling anyway - the slighest dust build up will make it overheat.Some of the X-series also had a vented cooling fan (or even two fans) but even those appeared to be proprietary Acer partsMost of these X-series machines that have come my way have tended to end up being rebuilt into a new mATX case. Sometimes where the motherboard won't fit the new case I've simply removed the drives memory and CPU, and used a new motherboard and case. Even with the cost of parts and labour it was cheaper than buying a new power supplyAs to taking it apart yourself, how dextrous are you? These cases are a pain. The hinges on the front rising panel are easy to break off, and the electrical leads to the power button and lights are too short and easy to break during disassembly. I've had a couple of these brought to me broken after customers aborted a DIY attempt after breaking them through clumsy handling.Your choicesTry to repair it by buying a new PSU (assuming it is the PSU fan you can see).

Expensive, fiddlyRebuild it into a new case. Less expensive, but inelegantRemove the hard drive, fit it into a caddy and use it as an external hard drive and buy a new machine.

Advent Modena M201 Touchpad Driver Windows 10

Possibly the best use of your money: this is a Vista machine so presumably getting on for five years old. The economics of a repair are questionableIf you decide you do want it fixed, you'll find one of our PCIQ team of repairers will be able to help.

Post a job request on our home page at On checking, this is one of the nVidia based HP machines which had the worst incidences of the graphics chip coming adrift from the motherboard due to faulty solderIn the USA they extended the warranties, they didn't over here. You may be able to get it fixed by a specialist who can 'reball' the solder contacts on the graphics chip. There are several PCIQ members who can do this. However, my personal experience of getting it done a few times is that its not a permanent fix. Every one has come back to bite me.Considering these machines date from around 2007, this one is likely to be life-expired anyway.

The surprise is that its still running - most died within twelve months of manufacture.In my view a repair is not cost effective. Save your money and put it toward something new.FWIW, theres a service guide for that machine at You need to install the drivers for the camera.Hopefully you had a disk with them onIf you didn't you need to call PC World's support and demand themThis is one of the most commonly asked questions on this forum, and the answer is the same as before - we've been unable to identity the exact camera, and the support pages for it have goneOne customer managed to find it by following these instructions from an earlier thread:'Go to and click web scan on the left hand side. Your machine will be scanned and a list of hardware produced showing the current state of your drivers. Click on the camera driver and its here you will be required to pay the small fee.' Note thats a commercial site which charges for the service.

Its nothing to do with us. 'what should I do?' Given its a Packard Bell Easynote, the short answer would involve a rubbish bin, but I'm sure thats not the answer you want.This machine should have an onboard hidden image, which you can access by holding down the Alt and F10 keys at startup, which should launch the Acer recovery system. If that fails, then the hard disk is probably deadI assume the disks you are trying to recover from are the ones they invite you to make when the machine is new. Waste of time: they often don't burn correctly, and even when they do, booting from them is hit and missIf its still under warranty, complain to Acer/PB Support. CharlieVery little to add about the spec of that machineIts a m-ATX tower unit, from memory a black case.The MS-6787 board is better known as the P4MAM-L or P4MAM-VReliable board, just hampered by a CPU that gets very very hotEverything should be onboard, with drivers on the motherboard sites except the modem - which has a standard Conexant HSF chipset - windows will install a driverRegarding the laptopExactly which Lenovo model?Totally agree with the comment about the thermal compound.

The good news is that a replacement screen for that isn't very expensive - seebad news is that - according to UKTSupport - its really a Shuttle A13IV model.That means no tech support, no manual downloads, no tech support from the buildersIf you decide to try to replace the screen you'll have to guess how to do it yourself - or pay someone to do it for you. Windows 7?I've seen several examples of this recentlyIn the last few weeks there have been a couple of buggy Win7 updates which keep failing when installed with other updates. They seem to install, then on the reboot all the updates uninstall.then they reinstall on the next shutdown and then uninstall again.If its those, the answer is to install them one or two at a time. They will all go in, it just takes timeIf you manage to get them all installed except one or two, then maybe the download is corrupted - you can usually manually download them by searching for the KB number (listed in the installation history).


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