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As a review text, you can try Snell's Clinical Neuroanatomy: A Review With Questions and Explanations. This one is perfect for a good pre-exam or Board review. Again, few pictures, but the ones that are there are extremely helpful.

Clinical Neuroanatomy A Review With Questions And Explanations Pdf

ClinicalClinical neuroanatomy a review with questions and explanations pdf

Essential Clinical NeuroanatomyThomas H. Champney 1 / 5Publisher: Wiley-BlackwellRelease Date: 2 / 5Essential Clinical Neuroanatomy is an accessible introduction to regional and functionalneuroanatomy, which cuts through the jargon to help you engage with the key concepts. Beautifullypresented in full color, with hundreds of annotated illustrations and images, Essential ClinicalNeuroanatomy begins with an introductory section on the regional aspects of the topic, thendiscusses each structure in detail in relation to function.

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