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The next generation ADRE® Sxp is a completely redesigned data acquisition system combining GE's hardware capability with the new Sxp software platform. The new system consists of the 408 Dynamic Signal Processing instrument (DSPi) and ADRE Sxp software. ADRE. Sxp/408 DSPi Bently Nevada. Asset Condition Monitoring. Users can directly initiate manual samples and triggering from the front panel without using. And Exponential Windows) Structural Analysis Results (w/transfer Function,. If searched for a ebook Bently nevada 1900 25 manual em portugues in pdf format, then you've come to the correct site. For the transmission, distribution, management, conversion and optimization of. Webinar April 2009 Measuring Vibration 1900/65A and ADRE 408 Bently Nevada 1900 25 Manual Em Toyota Previa Repair Manuals.

›Clamp-On Meter Offers Improved Ease of Use, Durability and Low Cost of Ownership BILLERICA, MA – March 30, 2017. The next generation ADRE® Sxp is a completely redesigned data acquisition system combining GE’s hardware capability with the new Sxp software platform.

The new system consists of the 408 Dynamic Signal Processing instrument (DSPi) and ADRE Sxp software. Highly portable, ADRE Sxp is designed to meet the changing needs of various fleet asset management programs as well as all other industries where speed and flexibility in data collection are a must. ADRE Sxp can operate stand-alone in test stands, and with its remote viewing and operating capabilities, offers users large potential savings on unnecessary travel expenses.


Even though ADRE has been the world’s gold standard tool for on-demand data acquisition for many years, the Bently Nevada team is committed to consistently updating the platform to ensure you always have the best and most modern system available to assist you in acquiring and understanding your data.Our latest offering includes a variety of new and updated features. The ADRE Quick Configuration Software allows even the novice user to create an Sxp-ready database to configure ADRE and start receiving data within minutes. The software incorporates Bently Nevada best practices to automatically create data collection parameters and a suite of plots, which helps users realize the full power and productivity of the ADRE system.Burhoe, American Acad. Of Arts and Sciences, 280 Newton.

L., Handbook of circulation, book review of, 823. 1 and 2, book review of. Fluid dynamics, application to study of air motion, 1287; measurements of radia- tion temperature of ocean for study of cool surface layer, 1374.The ease, speed, and expertise offered by the Quick Configuration Software means that all ADRE users can now spend more time utilizing the data and enhancing their productivity, and less time worrying about manually configuring the system. The latest version of the ADRE system includes a wide variety of technical improvements. A full list is available in the product datasheet, but some of the key features include automatic selection of waveforms for plots, multiple cursors as a default option for all plot types, and the addition of a static/couple vector option on polar plots for balancing needs.

Position measurement has also been added for process variables or displacement transducers, which can be used to measure axial position when viewing values on the 408 front panel. Finally, the latest version of ADRE includes a time-saving 3500 rack-based system file importer to ensure seamless communications with our 3500 Series monitoring systems when configuring ADRE. The Impact Hammer Kit is used with our ADRE® 408 DSPi and other compatible instruments to determine the transfer function and other response characteristics of rotating machines and mechanical structures.The integration of response information from multiple accelerometers at various points of interest allows for modal analysis (velocity compliance, impedance, mobility). The Redesigned Single Board Computer features faster boot speed, lower power requirements, new SAS disk drive technology (24/7 industrial server grade drives) as well as a reinforced mounting cage for better shock resistance and a redesigned backplane for stronger connection between system components.

An optional Pelican case replaces the foam with a chassis system that allows the ADRE 408 to be suspended inside, isolating it from rough exterior handling. The new Pelican case also features wheels and a long handle, making our latest version of ADRE a truly mobile monitoring solution.

Mark ( and other ADRE®408 users!!!), Can you mention more powerfull tools from ADRE® 408(SXP DSPi),comparing with 208P/ADRE for Windows v5.11? I also noticed a powerfull tool within the 408 to us a displacement probe also for a keyphasor signal!!!!!

I also interest in the new powerfull software applications I have to write a business case to re-invest in a multichannel vibration. Quote: Originally posted by Mark dimond: The 408 uses a software that is not unlike System 1. The system has a lot of power and with that it is significantly more complex than a 208.

It is a powerful system and I believe that I will have to have a an iteration in computer speed and memory before I really enjoy using it. The one major complaint that I have is hardware reliability.This must be the influence of the new quality driven ownership. I don't know where they are outsourcing the electronics, but the results are less than satifactory. I am reminded somewhat of the old Racal reel to reel tape recorder.

I have three of these things and they are frequently being sent in for repair. I pray they get these things worked out before the service agreement ends.That being said, the ability to use them remotely over the network is powerful.

The channel density, sample count and resolution are awesome.For over 30 years, ADRE has been globally recognized as a tool of choice for resolving critical rotating machinery problems. In this video, Senior Product Manager, Don Marshall, showcases Bently Nevada's new, innovative ADRE Quick Configuration Software, which is now accessible to a wider audience of users.® Collect and View Data in 30 Minutes ADRE is a registered trademark of General Electric Company.

All rights reserved. Part Number 176559-01 (rev d) Quick Start Guide Quick Start Guide Bently Nevada. Asset Condition Monitoring ADRE Sxp Quick Start Guide Collect and View Data in 30 Minutes Part Number 176559-01 Rev. D (07/11) © 2006 - 2011 Bently Nevada, Inc. All rights reserved. The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice.

Denotes trademark of Bently Nevada, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of General Electric Company. Bently BALANCE, Keyphasor, ADRE The following are trademarks of the legal entities cited: Windows XP, Windows Vista and.NET are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Printed in USA.

Uncontrolled when transmitted electronically.Contact Information The following contact information is provided for those times when you cannot contact your local representative: Mailing Address Telephone Fax Internet ii 1631 Bently Parkway South Minden, Nevada USA 89423 USA 1.775.782.3611 1.800.227.5514 1.775.215.2873 www.ge-mcs.com/bently.8.5 Reference. 5 1.1 Recommended Computer Hardware.Signal.Identify Pieces.

3 1.3 Cables. Warnings/Critical Notes/Important Information.Contents Contents Contact Information. 2 1.3 Starting Online Help Outside ADRE Sxp Software. 3 1.2 Manual Scope.4 Starting Online Help Inside ADRE Sxp Software.7 3.1 408 Dynamic Signal Processing Instrument (DSPi).8 Environmental Compliance.1 What is ADRE?2 Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive. Ii 1.2 External Power Supply.6 European Union.

2 1.9 Required Training.10 FCC Requirements. 5 2.Power and Network. Inspection and Handling Instructions.1 Battery Disposal.Install ADRE Sxp Software. 15 4.4 Transducer Power Supply Accessories. 10 Cables.7 Receiving. 38 6.6 Connect 408 DSPi Power to External Supply.3 Minimum Computer Software Requirements. 18 5.13 Power up the 408 DSPi.4.

35 5.2 EMC Compliant Installations.6 Firewalls & Routers.4 IP Address Settings. 16 4.2 Minimum Computer Hardware Requirements.21 5.12. 16 Connect Voltage Transducers Using the Field Wiring Harness.8.16 5.8 Connect Transducer Power Supply(s).9 Connect Dynamic Signals. 34 5.3.2 Direct Connection.20 5.1 Tools Required. 25 Connect Voltage Transducers Using the Modular Field Wiring Harness.11 Connect the 408 DSPi to Your Computer or Network.18 5.12.7 Establish Grounding Configuration on the 408 DSPi.5 408 DSPi Rear Panel.12.

Configure the Software. 32 5.1 Installation Recommendations. 32 5.5 Subnet Mask and Default Gateway Settings.12. Set Up the 408 DSPi.4 408 DSPi Front Panel.

23 5.4 Software Installation Instructions.24 5.1 Connect the Power Supply.1 Start the ADRE Sxp Software. 27 5.10 Connect Keyphasor. Signals.8.

30 5.32 5.1 Ethernet Cable.3 EU Low Voltage Directive Compliant Installations. 18 5.3 Connect Constant Current Transducers Using the Field Wiring Harness.3 DHCP Settings.12 Network Configuration and Connections. 53 8.5 Configure Keyphasor Channels. 42 6.1 Pre-Trigger Buffer.

Display Current Values. 49 7.2 Connect to the 408 DSPi.8 Save the Configuration.7 Configure Data Collection Criteria.43 6. 53 7.3 Create a New 408 DSPi Configuration/Database.4 Configure Database.1. 51 7.Open a Database Stored on the Client Computer’s Hard Drive (Local). Environmental Specifications.1 Sample Count. 41 6.2 Vectors and Waveforms. Data Sampling.6 Configure Dynamic Channels.

Vi Section 1 - Introduction 1.Introduction 1.1 What is ADRE? ADRE. Sxp Software and the 408 DSPi (Dynamic Signal Processing Instrument) make up a highly scalable system for multi-channel signal processing and data acquisition. It is specifically designed for real-time highly parallel signal processing and presentation.

This extremely versatile system incorporates the functionality of many types of instrumentation, such as oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, filters, signal conditioners, and digital recorders into a single platform. The system is designed specifically for secure corporate network environments, allowing it to operate remotely across a LAN/WAN, or store data in full “stand-alone” mode without an additional/external computer.Additional equipment is seldom, if ever, needed. The system’s real-time display capability permits it to continuously display data independently of data being stored to permanent memory. For established ADRE system users, ADRE Sxp also supports all previous ADRE for Windows databases.1.2 Manual Scope This manual is designed to enable you to collect and display data within 30 minutes using the ADRE Sxp software and the 408 Dynamic Signal Processing Instrument (DSPi).

Follow these steps to configure the ADRE Sxp platform, and to learn the fundamentals of its operation. Following the installation of the ADRE Sxp software, you have access to a complete online Help system. You can open and use the online Help with or without starting the ADRE Sxp software. 1 Section 1 - Introduction 1.3 Starting Online Help Outside ADRE Sxp Software Select Start Programs Bently Nevada ADRE SxpADRE Sxp Help, Or Double-click the ADRE Sxp Help desktop icon. 1.4 Starting Online Help Inside ADRE Sxp Software 1. Double-click the ADRE Sxp desktop icon.Select Help from the Main Menu Bar 1.5 Reference 408 Box Datasheet, #172179-01 EMC/LV Declaration of Conformity, #174502 1.6 European Union The latest European Union Declarations of Conformance and product certifications can be obtained through the links in the contact information. 2  Use extra caution during dry weather.

Include part numbers and serial numbers on all correspondence. Return the equipment to the shipping containers and reseal until ready for use. Relative humidity less than 30% increases the chance for build-up of electrostatic charge. To avoid damage follow these guidelines:  Do not handle products in a way that can allow electrical discharge onto circuit boards. File a claim with the carrier and contact your nearest Bently Nevada sales office.7 Receiving.If shipping damage is apparent.Introduction 1. 1.8 Environmental Compliance 1.Section 1. Or 3) micro-batteries included in integrated circuits used on circuit boards such as in a Real Time Clock chip.

If no damage is apparent and the equipment is not going to be used immediately. Circuit boards contain electronic components that are susceptible to damage by electrostatic discharge.8. See the Specifications section for the recommended storage environment.1 Battery Disposal Batteries used in this product cannot be disposed of as unsorted municipal waste in the European Union as well as many other countries.2) custom battery packs.  Unprotected circuit boards (not enclosed or protected by a housing) should be stored and transported in electrically conductive anti-static bags or foil. Inspection and Handling Instructions Carefully remove all equipment from the shipping containers and inspect the equipment for shipping damage.Batteries in Bently Nevada products will generally be one of three types. 1) standard commercially available batteries.

And bone diseases such as osteomalcia and osteoporosis. Ingestion and inhalation of lead can cause severe 4. Located on the main circuit board.


Cadmium poisoning can result in cancer of the lungs and prostate gland. Batteries and accumulators must be marked (either on the battery or accumulator or on its packaging.For proper recycling you can return this product or the batteries or accumulators it contains to your supplier or to a designated collection point. The product marking includes chemical symbols that indicate the presence toxic metals: Pb for lead.004%. Mercury (Hg) over 0. Lead is poisonous in all forms. The marking must include the chemical symbols of specific levels of toxic metals as follows:.

Cadmium (Cd) over 0.002%. Lead (Pb) over 0.It accumulates in the body.Introduction Note: The 408 uses one integrated circuit lithium battery. Chronic effects include kidney damage.And Cd for cadmium.

Adre 408 For Sale

Visit What do the Markings Mean? Standard commercially available batteries are marked with the crossed out wheeled bin symbol.Depending on size) with the separate collection symbol. So each exposure is significant. Cadmium may also cause anemia. Hg for mercury.Section 1. (crossed out wheeled bin).Or mercury (Hg) content.0005% The Risks and Your Role in Reducing Them Your participation is an important part of the effort to minimize the impact of batteries and accumulators on the environment and on human health.weeerohsinfo.

Pulmonary emphysema. Some batteries or accumulators contain toxic metals that pose serious risks to human health and to the environment. For proper recycling return the battery to a designated collection authority. When required. For more information.

And may also include lettering to indicate cadmium (Cd).And loss of smell (anosmia).com/. Discoloration of the teeth. 9 Required Training Personnel responsible for use of the ADRE system must have specialized training in the following areas:  Machinery Diagnostics  Use of ADRE 408 Lack of such knowledge could lead to incorrect system operation.Introduction damage to human health.

These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference when the equipment is operated in a commercial environment. Risks include brain damage.

Visit Contact GE Bently Nevada for training or field service support. Pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules.Exposure to high concentrations of mercury vapor can cause a variety of severe symptoms. The equipment that you bought has required the extraction and use of natural resources for its production.In order to avoid the dissemination of those substances in our environment and to diminish the pressure on the natural resources. 1.2 Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive This product conforms to Europe’s Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) take-back initiative. This equipment must be disposed of properly at the end of its life. Directive 2002/96/EC.Section 1. Risks include chronic inflammation of mouth and gums.

Mercury creates hazardous vapors at room temperature.10 FCC Requirements Note: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class A digital device. For more information.8.Personality change. And sterility. Operation of this equipment in a residential area is likely to cause harmful interference in which case the user will be required to correct the interference at his own expense. Modifications not expressly approved by the manufacturer could void the user's authority to operate the equipment under FCC rules.Section 1.If not installed and used in accordance with the instruction manual.Introduction This equipment generates. May cause harmful interference to radio communications.' And can radiate radio frequency energy.

Bently Nevada Adre 408 Manual Transmission Parts


O The 408 DSPi is designed to minimize possible data loss in the event of a total power failure.Warnings/Critical Notes/Important Information 2. Do not lose it. O Connect the external power supply connector into the 408 DSPi first and then connect the external power supply to the AC power.Section 2. To clear this fault condition: 1.O To prevent the possibility of electric shock. This applies only to Revision E or earlier. Failure to follow this sequence may result in a fault condition indicated on the external power supply LED.O Do not unplug the power cord while the 408 DSPi is operating. If an administrator password to a 408 DSPi is lost.

Warnings/Critical Notes/Important Information Please READ FIRST o Do not insert or remove (hot plug) any cards while the 408 DSPi is powered on. Provide further protection by connecting the 408 DSPi to an uninterruptible power source or standard UPS (350W). There must be an earth ground connection through the power cord. O The sampling cards are static-sensitive.You cannot reset or disable an unknown administrator password. O If you create an administrator password for the 408 DSPi.

Handle with care as you would any other internal computer component. You must contact Technical Support at If one is not available. Disconnect the power cable from the rear of the 408 DSPi.com for assistance.Disconnect AC power cable from the external supply.

Then there must be an earth ground connection made at the rear panel of the unit before providing power to the unit. O ADRE is not designed for use in hazardous locations. Do not.Section 2. Damage could occur to the non-volatile memory.

Transmission and Distribution site be sure to first contact the customer’s NERC program manager or digital security team to fully understand the on boarding process required prior to device operation. O Prior to installing or interfacing any TCP/IP device into an Ethernet computer network at a North American based Power Generation.Warnings/Critical Notes/Important Information o ADRE can be connected and reconfigured remotely.Use this connection to continuously reconfigure data points.

Do not use to power transducers in hazardous areas 8. Identify Pieces 3.Identify Pieces 3.1 408 Dynamic Signal Processing Instrument (DSPi) 9.Section 3.

Section 3.Identify Pieces 3.2 External Power Supply DC Power Cable DC Extension Cable (accessory) P/N 169347-01 10. Section 3.Power and Network AC Power Cord 120 Volt 3-conductor power cable P/N 02198937 AC European Power Cord 250 Volt CBE 7/7 SCHUKO connector 2.Identify Pieces Cables.5m P/N 176472 11. Identify Pieces Ethernet Cable with Ferrite Bead P/N 174466 (Connects 408 DSPi to Network or Computer) 12.Section 3.

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