How To Download Gamecube Roms For Dolphin

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Download Resident Evil (USA) Gamecube ISO for Gamecube. Resident Evil is a Survival Horror video game published by Capcom released on March 22, 2002 for the Gamecube. Resident Evil (USA) (Disc 1).iso CRC = 24519740. Resident Evil (USA) (Disc 2).iso CRC = 8E5597C1. REDUMP Version! This ISO CRC-32 is verified by Redump database.

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Biohazard 2 Gamecube Iso

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Gamecube Roms Dropbox

So, Im not a Twitch streamer or anything (although I've thought about it, just don't have the schedule/setup right now), but I've been following speedruns like Bawkbasoup, WolfDNC, Carcinogen, Maxylobes and others for the past year or two, and doing speedruns of RE2 after work for fun. (I've been a hardcore fan of the series since 1996, when it came out on PS1 and I was 9yo)I started off running from my PS1 US Dual Shock version I grew up with, and eventually moved to emulating the US GameCube version in Dolphin, as being able to skip cutscenes is amazing.Haven't streamed or submitted or anything, but I have my own splits ive been working on, and have been archiving recordings of runs in OBS. My best time so far has been 1hr 7mins, which is enough to technically place in 12th place or so on the leaderboards.I'd really like to get ahold of the JP version on the GC rom, as that version has multiple segments where zombie placement is much more forgiving, such as outside the RPD station after you exit the bus, and the 2nd floor main hall of the RPD station as you pass the emergency ladder and head towards the save room (this section is particularly a pain in the ass, as you are forced to take down a zombie here in the US version).

There's a lot of timesave to be had.Google searching and chat sections of Twitch have lead me pretty much nowhere, this GC Rom is very hard to find, and this game in physical copies is expensive AF on eBay. Anybody have a good lead where I could snag a cheap disc or a Rom for the Japanese GameCube version of Biohazard 2? Thanks in advance.

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