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  • Twenty years ago this month, Friends—one of the greatest sitcoms ever—debuted on NBC. Today, one of the greatest lists ever—an exhaustive and definitive ranking of every Friends episode—debuts on Gawker. From worst to best, here are all 236 episodes: 236. The One After Joey and Rachel Kiss (10.01) 235.
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Published 7:54 AM EDT Sep 17, 2019WASHINGTON – Where there's a Will, there's a way.Brad Pitt revealed at Monday's special screening of his new film 'Ad Astra' at DC's National Geographic Museum that his acting chops aren't always (inter)stellar.He appeared in a memorable episode of 'Friends,' which celebrates its 25th anniversary this month, in 2001, when he was married to Jennifer Aniston, aka Rachel Green. At the time, Pitt portrayed Will, a co-founder of their high school's 'I Hate Rachel Green Club' who brought his aging grudge as a guest at the group's Thanksgiving. Apparently, Rachel made his life in high school 'miserable.' Why we won’t shut up about ‘Friends,’ 25 years laterNew 'Friends' book: The group nearly moved to Minnesota, other things we learned from 'Generation Friends'When the cameras started rolling for the NBC show, Pitt made a little blunder, he tells USA TODAY.Asked if he had any memories of the series, he answered “Yeah,” with a laugh, as visions appeared to be flooding back.“I flubbed my first line,' he admitted with a smile. 'My very first line I flubbed, and we had to go back.' The 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' star couldn't believe that the sitcom premiered nearly a quarter century ago.'

Is that right?” he asked when the anniversary was brought up.' Ad Astra' review: Brad Pitt rockets to greatness in spiffy space adventure'Shawshank Redemption' at 25: Why Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise pulled out of major roles. DANNY FELD, NBCMV/WARNER BROS.Co-creators Marta Kauffman and David Crane squashed any hopes for a 'Friends' reboot or reunion show at Tribeca TV Festival Friday night.' The reason we won't do a reunion is this is a show about that time in your life when your friends are your family, and once you start having a family, that changes. So it wouldn't be what's at the heart of the show anymore,' Kauffman said. 'The other reason is, it's not going to beat what we did.'

'We really feel like we did the show we wanted to do and we got it right,' Crane said. 'If you visited those characters now, it would just have a different DNA, and chances are, it wouldn't be as good a show. Why go back to the well?' Contributing: Patrick RyanBrad Pitt talks sobriety, Alcoholics Anonymous: 'I removed my drinking privileges'Friends' creators insist there will never be a reboot, reveal how NBC slut-shamed MonicaSee our full coverage of entertainment news.

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When Friends premiered on NBC 25 years ago this week, the cast had no idea whether it would even be picked up for additional episodes. Most of them had been struggling in Hollywood for years, and this new show about six twentysomethings in New York City felt like it might be just another pilot that went nowhere. “Everyone was kind of keeping their distance and not really investing too much emotionally,” David Schwimmer would recall on a year later. Finales are notoriously tricky, especially for beloved sitcoms. How do you say goodbye without losing the lightheartedness that made it work in the first place? The Friends two-parter delivers (pun intended) on all fronts. Erica (Anna Faris) gives birth to the (surprise!) twins Monica and Chandler are adopting, while television’s greatest will they-won’t they ends on “will,” as Rachel ditches a new job in Paris to get back with Ross for good.

And it features good-old hijinks like Joey giving Monica and Chandler a chick and a duck as house warming presents which soon get stuck in a foosball table. Even the show’s seventh character, the Apartment, gets a touching send-off: As Monica and Chandler prepare to decamp to the ’burbs with their babies, all six Friends turn in the keys and head out for one last coffee. “Where?” Chandler quips. As if there could be any doubt. Brittany Spanos.

After kicking off with a meteor-viewing party where everyone takes brutal pleasure in intellect-shaming Ross, this ep breaks up the cast, following various combinations of Friends as they navigate New York into the wee hours. Monica and Chandler alternately quarrel and get busy as they take turns not being able to sleep. Phoebe’s kept awake by an errant fire alarm.

Rachel and Tag — her short-term boyfriend who’s also her assistant — use an office miscommunication as foreplay. But the highlight is Ross and Joey, who end up stuck on Joey’s fire escape, forced to use each other as human ladders in order to climb to safety. Elisabeth Garber-P aul. In classic Friends form, this episode joins the end of one major plotline (Chandler and Monica’s wedding) with the start of another (Rachel’s pregnancy). As Chandler and Ross crash a wedding and take photos of each other to cover for losing the disposable cameras at Chandler’s own ceremony the day before, Monica and Phoebe try to figure out who Rachel’s baby-daddy is, their only clue being the titular piece of clothing left at her apartment. Joey, ever the gentleman, proposes to Phoebe, believing she’s the one who’s pregnant — and later to Rachel, after he finds out the truth.

In the final scene, Ross visits the loft, picking up the red sweater on his way out. “Hey, my sweater,” he says. “I’ve been looking for this for like a month!” A reveal so clear-cut even Joey figures it out. It’s the alternate-universe episode! What would happen if Rachel never left Barry, Ross never got divorced from Carol, Monica was still fat, Joey never was never fired from Days of Our Lives, Chandler quit his job to write comics, and Phoebe took a job at as a stock broker at Merrill Lynch? In this two-part episode, we learn that the gang, for the most part, end up in the exact same place their present-day counterparts: Monica and Chandler find their way back to each other; Ross and Rachel’s first marriages both fall apart (presumably so they can find each other, too).

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And while the series’ fat jokes have not aged well in the age of body positivity, the revised opening credits sequence depicting the alt version of the Friends is still pretty amusing. Alison Weinflash. Yes, it’s the episode with Ross and Rachel’s first kiss — Rachel cross-legged in a laundry cart, overjoyed that she learned to defend herself against neighborhood jerks and do laundry (even if an errant red sock has turned all her whites pink) — but there are plenty of other awkward romantic entanglements on display.

Over a marathon, espresso-fueled talk, Chandler breaks up with Janice (in her — and her notorious laugh’s — first appearance on the show), making bad jokes all the way through to diffuse the tension. Meanwhile, Joey tries to win back his ex by tricking Monica into going on a double-date with her and her new boyfriend. He tells Monica the couple are actually brother and sister in order to convince her the beau is up for grabs.

Confusion, followed by conniving, ensues. In a fleeting moment over a beach weekend, the great we-were-on-a-break debate is settled: Ross agrees to the terms of Rachel’s 18-page letter, meaning he admits to cheating and accepts full responsibility for their split. The only problem? He’d fallen asleep while reading the letter and had no clue what he was agreeing to. Never one to let the past be the past, he reneges once he realizes what he’s signed off on, and a classic Ross-and-Rachel fight ensues, complete with Ross correcting her grammar and Rachel mocking his vocal inflections.

Meanwhile, Monica gets stung by a jellyfish, spurring one of the show’s most iconic moments: In a noble and unconventional gesture of friendship — which became a litmus-test question for real-world friends for years — Chandler pees on her to alleviate the pain. Natalli Amato. Love is in the air, sort of.

Brad Best Friends Rare Movies

Rachel abruptly proposes to new boyfriend Joshua to prove she’s moved on from Ross, who’s set to marry Emily. Chandler picks up a woman at a sleep clinic only to discover she has night terrors. Monica picks up Emily’s gown as a favor, but then becomes obsessed with wearing it herself. Phoebe gets in on the act, showing up to Monica’s apartment in her own bridal wear for fun, and eventually she, Monica, and Rachel are all hanging out on the couch, guzzling beers in wedding dresses, lamenting Rachel’s cringeworthy proposal. When Joshua shows up to give Rachel a second chance, he finds exactly what he was running from in the first place: Bridezilla Rachel in white, flinging open the door and shouting, “I do!” NA.

What would Thanksgiving be without football? Or Friends without the Geller siblings’ crazy quirks? Thankfully, we never had to know a world that answers those questions. The gang decides to play a friendly game of touch football, but the stakes quickly escalate as Monica and Ross relive their childhood “Geller Bowl” rivalry and compete to the death for a musty, homemade troll-doll trophy, known to them as the coveted Geller Cup.


Brad Best Friends Rare Quotes

Less interested in the Geller Cup, Joey and Chandler compete for a Danish model’s attention, ultimately driving her away with their embarrassing antics. The moral of this very special episode: Why count blessings when you can count the score. This ep should really be titled “The One With Ross’ Leather Pants,” because no one else’s 1999 New Year’s resolution produces results as memorable — or disastrous. In an effort to try something new each day, Ross buys chic leather pants for his date with a woman named Elizabeth Hornswoggle (much to the chagrin of Chandler, whose resolution is to not make fun of his friends). But the luxurious material makes him so hot in her apartment, he has to run to the bathroom and pull his pants down for relief only to come to the horrifying realization that he can’t get them back up, no matter how much lotion or baby powder he applies. The embarrassment is palpable as he exits in his boxers, holding the pasty aftermath in his arms.

The real lesson? Never call Joey during a panic for advice.

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