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Since I have access to a 12” and 17” Cabbage Patch doll, the cabbage patch clothing patterns available are for these two sizes of dolls. I have drafted and digitized 3 patterns in the 2 sizes. The patterns include dress, bodysuit/t-shirt and leggings for both sizes.

Thank you for your website! Even though I've had a stroke, my 34 year old daughter is crocheting for me. It a lot of work but pics of items made by your happy customers would be fun, listed by pattern? I'm looking for patterns for my dollhouse dolls. My grandma taught me to sew, braid rugs,embroidery, and eventually crochet, knit, bobbin lace and tatting. I did the same for bears and dolls, for all the boys and my girls, now I've begun doing it with my grandkids. My grandma bought the old strombecker doll furniture for 9 cents a piece or $1.49 a room during the depression with her egg money.

Cabbage Patch Preemie Clothes Pattern

Now they run $10 each My Mum and aunts didn't like them, but I did and nana played hours on end, using my red goose and buster brown shoe boxes for rooms. My wonderful husband made me a replica of her house for my 60th birthday.

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Please, anyone know where I can get a Cabbage Patch doll pattern to make the doll? I am also looking for a pattern to make some clothes. I would be so happy for your help.

Thanks so much.DarAnswers: Pattern for Cabbage Patch KidGoogle 'free printable doll patterns' and you might come across a pattern for a Cabbage Patch type doll. They aren't really easy to make (I made two of them way back when the doll first came out.) Most of the major pattern companies have patterns for all types of doll clothes. I don't know that the dolls can be made any cheaper than buying them ready made.


Back when I made them you could buy vinyl or rubbery type heads with or without hair and then you bought the fabric bodies, they were a special kind of flesh colored knit fabric and then you needed to buy the stuffing for them and then hand stitch the belly button, fingers, toes, ankles, wrists, and if I remember right you even had to stitch in the bum crack, and then get the head attached so that it would stay on. By Pattern for Cabbage Patch KidYou could check with pattern stores or thrift stores and you could also try knittinkitten.com they have all types of craft things including patterns. By Pattern for Cabbage Patch Kidare many other websites, just go to Google or Yahoo and type in 'patterns for cabbage patch dolls'.

Hope that helps! Does anyone know where to get a pattern for the body of Cabbage Patch Kids?By from KYAnswers: Pattern for Cabbage Patch KidI have one for the soft sculptured body patterns here somewhere at my house. I bought it when my daughter was a small child and the dolls first hit the market. I would be glad to copy it for you and email it to you IF I can find it. You can let me know. It may take me a while to locate it in my sewing room, as it has not been used in a couple of decades! By Pattern for Cabbage Patch KidI would love a copy of the pattern when you find it!

Thanks, kantuckee By Pattern for Cabbage Patch KidIf southeastgeorgiapeach can't locate the pattern for you, there is an old (1984) Simplicity pattern #6999 called Precious Pals. It is supposed to be a Cabbage Patch Kids look-alike.

The pattern includes sewing instructions to make a soft sculptured 18' doll and clothes. Since you only need the body, it should work for you. Unfortunately, you will probably have to pay for the pattern.If you Google: 'Precious Pals' Simplicity you will get several hits.

Free Printable Doll Patterns

Here is one link for you:By Pattern for Cabbage Patch KidThanks for all the help! By Pattern for Cabbage Patch KidI know that you probably thought that I had forgotten about the pattern but I just found the book today. Only trouble is the pattern pieces are in a big yellow envelope somewhere else. I still haven't found it yet. But here is the cover I scanned to show you that I really do have the book.

I am going to the Antiques Roadshow next Saturday, June 27, in Raleigh, NC and am trying to figure what items I am going to take. I found the book today, quite by accident but wanted to followup with an email to you. If you no longer need it, let me know. So sorry for the delay in getting back with you.

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