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Camila - Todo Cambio - Amazon.com. Then, I decided to download the whole album, WOW, is the. Compre este disco solo por la cancion 'besame' que escuche en. Album Todo Cambio Camila Download Todo Depende De Ti. It's time to return to the Dragon Quest Monsters series! This is a whole lot like that.

Description: Camila: Pablo Hurtado (guitars, slide guitar, steel guitar); Mario Domm (piano, Fender Rhodes piano, Hammond b-3 organ); Freddy Canedo (electric bass); Edy Vega (drums).' Abrazame,' the first single from Rock en Espanol trio Camila, had already blazed a trail up Billboard's Latin charts before TODO CAMBIO, the band's full-length debut, was released.

The album makes good on the single's promise of appealing, melodic pop-rock spiced with traditional Latin elements and a hefty dose of loverman swagger. Songs 'Abrazame,' 'Me Basto,' and 'Coleccionista de Canciones,' fall somewhere between power ballads and falsetto-sweetened love songs.

Already popular in their native Mexico, Camila seem poised to conquer the Latin market in North America as well. Customers Rating:Average (4.9).

When I first heard 'abrazame' i laughed because it sounded like girls singing softly.but anyways i liked the song, and when I downloaded it, I also downloaded 'Coleccionista de canciones' Wow that song really shocked me since I first heard it! Beautiful lyrics! Then, I decided to download the whole album, WOW, is the only thing I can say.beautiful songs like Sin tu amor, Me basto, Todo cambio,Me da igual, and my personal favorite, perderte de nuevo, show a group that can really sing.

Lovely lyrics in those songs. In 'va para ti' you hear a very rock but cool Camila. The songs that I think are no that great are No quiero, u got my love and nanga ti feo, the rest are all future radio hitss!!! I was really surprise with this group, and I am now a big Fan.

Camila's vocal and musical talent is only the icing on the cake compared to other aspects of their music. Their musical chemistry is so concentrated and powerful that everything they do is catchy and touching.

They have such a great passion for what they play, that one can literally feel it in every song. The composition of the song and lyrics is absolutely awesome! They sing about real life situations that one can relate to, which makes them relevant to me and you. Without a doubt this is an incredible album which is clearly one that has impacted the music industry as well as people's lives. They compliment each other so well as a band, with their unique voices and variation in musical styles, to the point that they make great, fresh sounding music. This album is truly filled with passion and devotion from beginning to end.

The CD speaks for itself, so definitely buy it, you won't regret it! I love Camila! Their talent is beyond anything I have ever seen before in my life! The voice combination is incredible. Unlike anything I have ever heard. I cannot get enough of this CD.

I play it in every room of my home and it remains the first and only Cd allowed to be played in my automobiles. IEstoy enamorada del grupo y su musica. Quisera estar junto a ellos y gozar su gloria y felicidad de exito durante su viaje hacia la fama. You can see the well deserved happy expressions on their faces while performing on tour. I only wish they knew that we the fans share their happiness with them. Their documentary brought tears to my eyes.

Camila Todo Cambio Chords

As well as their cover album song 'Todo Cambio' made me weep. Thank you Camila, gracias por ser como son, los adoro siempre!! A group that can truly sing. Camila, a group of 3 men, is Latin Music's newest sensation to hit the charts and certain to please the ears. They are fresh and hip in their look and have voices that can carry real melodies. Although a trio, they carry those vocal melodies we once used to hear in barbershop quartets.

Camila Todo Cambio Goear.com

With touches of Soul and R&B to their latin music, Camila is not only recommended but one of my personal favorites in the Pop en Espanol music genre.This album, or if translated means everything has changed, features their hit Todo Cambio which has been replaying itself through my mind for the last several days! Other great songs on this album are Abrazame (Hug Me) and Collecionista de Canciones (Song Collector).

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Camila Todo Cambio Download

Most of the album has a slower beat with romantic songs or those songs you play when you need a good cry, but there are a couple upbeat ones too!.

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