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Ron doesn't have all of it, though. He has the first part.You have to bear in mind that although Don was a genius in many ways, he was eccentric.

Writers, for better or worse, enjoy musing on the art of writing almost as much as they enjoy the practice itself, with every writer having their own personal writing routine, a routine that’s as practical and productive as it is superstitious. Don Alan performed his Chop Cup routine on the 'Ed Sullivan Show' in. Homo Deus A Brief History of Tomorrow - Yuval Noah Harari (1).pdf.

He started with the original Al Wheatley Master Cup. This is a tall cup. It was too tall to fit into his briefcase the way he wanted it to, so he sawed an inch off of it with a hacksaw.Then, due to demand from magicians, Al Wheatley made the Master Cup, Jr.Mike Brazill designed the Rings and Things Don Alan Chop Cup, which was able to take a baseball. However, Don preferred to use a Cressite Dog Ball with these cups.Also, Ken Brooke knocked off the original Wheatley Master Cup, then came out briefly with a shorter Stubby chop cup.In the 1980's, Repro 71 in England came out with their version of the Don Alan Chop Cup.Encore magic made a few of them in the 1980's as well.In 2005, RnT II came out with the Don Alan Stubby Cup based on the Rings and Things Don Alan Chop Cup design, but shorter. So some reason, I do not like the bottom (cup opening) of the Don Alan chop cup I have.


Not for any real practical reasons, yet simply my personal preference. The Don Alan cups just end abruptly.

Sharp aquos quattron manual. Updated: 28 December 2018.

I may be in the minority, but I actually like the look of James Riser's regular shorty chop over his James Riser's innocent chop without the bead at the opening. All that said, I think that Don pushing for a shorter cup from the Wheatly was beneficial for many of us.mysto59Loyal userBethalto, Illinois264 Posts. I just went through all the blueprints from RNT there were never any stubbys spun back in the 70's. There was the Mini Pocket Don and LePetite and the Disney cup but no stubby. There were also the Julip cups, but no Don Alan Stubby.RNT II didn't have any intentions on making the stubby until Ron Bauer agreed to do the book but insisted to Mike and I that the cup be shorter, thus the Anniversary Don being made of Copper with a church bronze lining was born.

Don Alan Chop Cup

We did some alum/alum, stainless/bronze and alum/bronze as well, these were pretty rare, the stainless run was only 50 pieces, the alum. Ones were even shorter 25 each.Epiphany has redesigned the Don for 2009, there will be a stubby version with a rolled mouth bead. Different metal combinations will be available such as Copper/Church Bronze etc. This won't impeade on the Anniversary Don since it didn't have a rolled mouth bead. There will also be a standard Don and Mini all with rolled mouth beads.

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