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Hi Martin,As you rightly point out, it's difficult enough to find example SCORM packages, but it'll be even more trouble locating SCORM packages that are completely public. Here are links to two pages which have SCORM 1.2 packages that waive some copyright protections (free to copy, distribute and test but can't be sold and internal software can't be reverse engineered.)I expect to have another example SCORM package available next week that has some fun content to it. I'll post a link to that also.Also, it might be worth nailing down which version of SCORM that Moodle is intending to provide conformance with. Looks like 1.2 to me. Hello everyone.I have tried this package using moodle and the SCORM module, however all I get is a blank page. Anyone else experiencing this?At the bottom left of the IE window, there is an error icon with 2 errors:Line 2, Char 1 - Syntax ErrorLine 4, Char 1 - Object ExpectedI have even tried to 'repackage' this course myself using the RELOAD Editor, but I am still getting the same error messages. The blank page that I get is just Are there any browser specific settings that I need to enable first?

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Scorm 1.2 Or Scorm 2004


Download Scorm 2004 Package Tracking Free

I'm sure that my browser runs OK!Any help would be appreciated.

How to create a scorm file

With its easy to use wizard interface, Simple SCORM Packager (SSP) allows you to package a existing course into a SCORM compliant package in a matter of minutes. SCORM is basically a set of standards to be followed for eLearning courses that can track user info during its interaction. For running a SCO package we need to create it, I am at the very initial stage of LMS development so I would like to know that how do I create an SCORM package for my app.

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