It's been a year, and Spider-Man is still finding the superhero life is full of dangerous pitfalls and avoidable collateral damage. Fortunately, Nick Fury, Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., offers to fix that with a special training program that offers to make Peter Parker the Ultimate Spider-man.

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Now the quintessential superhero loner must learn to get along with a new team of superheroes as fellow students, both in his professional and personal life. Between those demands and the supervillains, life is as hectic as ever for the Webslinging Wonder. Okay so, here i go. This show, is absolutely amazing.

Download The Amazing Spider Man 2 Indowebster Indonesia

It's incredible. It's always been written off as terrible, lame, or childish. I'm here to tell you that's completely false. What so many negative reviewers refer to when saying this cartoon sucks is the fourth wall breaking or the stops that spidey does during the show. I think it's absolutely brilliant.

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The Amazing Spider-man Qartulad

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Someone of these breaks are actually funny, if you loosen up instead of being super critical. These breaks are so important because they explain why spidey can or can't do something, they explain certain situations, and are good recaps. And even being older, they can be super funny. Sure some of them are childish, but keep in mind it's still a children's show.

In terms of peter parker's characterization itself, it's perfect. We see a TRUE heart of gold character. He's exactly how stan envisioned him. Awkward, funny, and cares so deeply for the safety of others.

Going through the series, you'll understand what i mean. Other characters are also great.

A lot of people love nova, and for good reason. Each character has, well, character. They're all amazing in their own ways. In regards to plot, it's spectacular. You really have to get past the buff of the first 6-7 episodes but by episode 25 of the first season, i was crying from how emotional i was.

Download The Amazing Spider Man 2 Indowebster Indonesia Movie

Episode 8 really got into the 'woah' type of plot. It gets darker than you'd expect this show to get when you first take a look at it. Season 4 is especially heartbreaking. You have been warned.

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Overall, this show is heartwarming and full of amazing plots and characters. I recommend this for people who like animated shows such as young justice or voltron, as well as people who like funny and emotional shows. It's amazing. It's the ultimate show.

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