SOPROLIFEThe blue RevolutionSOPROLIFE is a revolutionary fluorescence imaging system for the diagnosis and treatment aid of caries. By making use of the auto fluorescence of dentine, SOPROLIFE allows to detect decay, often missed by X-rays, even in its earliest stages.

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Bienvenue sur le site de SOPRO, La Ciotat. SOPRO Imaging 2.40 (ISO file - 1.1 GB) SOPRO Imaging 2.40 (Main program only - 178 MB).

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SOPROLIFE differentiates healthy from infected tissue in order to excavate only the tissue which is diseased.SOPROLIFE was launched for the IDS 2009, the device has successfully been implemented internationally and is a world leader in its field. It has won many awards and is even used as a reference for diagnosis in many prestigious universities. In DAYLIGHT mode Soprolife offers in-depth magnified views: indeed the Macrovision provides a magnification up to 110 times, revealing details otherwise not visible to the naked eye or with radiography. This enables close monitoring of micro fractures and their development. With the preset focus ring and enhanced focal depth each image becomes instantly sharp and precise under every angle of the camera and for each pre-set focal depth. With one click, easily go from Macrovision to one tooth, intra-oral and extra-oral vision.

It is an effective device with three mode capturing system, which is helping me to diagnose and capture the carious lesions including early lesions with excellent magnified view. This, in turn, is quite helpful to make the best possible treatment strategies for my patients.Thanks to its “red fluorescence” which is helpful in taking right decisions about cavity depth by clearly differentiating between healthy and diseased tissues.Moreover, with the images directly seen on computer screen, both the patient motivation and cooperation has improved multifold.It’s truly become a necessary tool in my practice today!!Dr Neeraj GugnaniProfessor, Pediatric DentistryDAV (C) Dental College, YamunaNagarIndia. The blue LEDs we selected emit light at 450nm. This wavelength excites dentine which, in reaction, sends a light signal named fluorescence. The fluorescence signal reflected is very small (low intensity) compared to the 450nm intensity sent by the blue LEDs.What is the use of diagnosis aid and treatment aid mode?If the treatment aid mode is used for diagnosis purpose, we will obtain on screen an amplification of the red and thus get many « false alerts » due to organic deposits in the mouth of the patient. All these organic deposits generate un very light signal of red fluorescence. If the Mode II was used for the detection a caries, a complete cleaning of the mouth would be necessary to avoid these “false alerts”.

The diagnosis aid mode, far less sensitive to all these organic deposits, allows to avoid these « false alerts ».Is the magnification power of SOPROLIFE higher than a microscope?Yes, SOPROLIFE can magnify the image up x 115. Can SOPROLIFE also be used as a classical intra-oral camera? Yes, SOPROLIFE is the only concept in the world proposing two different visions. The Daylight mode allows the dentist to use SOPROLIFE as an intra-oral camera under white light for the communication with his patient. The image quality supplied by SOPROLIFE under white light is superior to the others intra-oral cameras. SOPROLIFE requires no special preparation for your patient and is not contraindicated.Do we need to apply a special product on the teeth prior to using SOPROLIFE?No.Do we need to clean systematically all the teeth prior to using SOPROLIFE?No, it is useless to clean prior the first diagnostic in 'mode I' of SOPROLIFE.


Cleaning with sodium bicarbonate of the suspicious fissure(s) is recommended in order to confirm the carious signal.Is the blue light from SOPROLIFE dangerous for the patient or the dentist?No, SOPROLIFE emits no ultra-violet wave.Is SOPROLIFE advised for children and pregnant women?Yes, of course. SOPROLIFE is free from any ionizing rays and is the perfect caries diagnosis aid tool for children and pregnant women. The dental fluorescence imaging device SOPROLIFE is a real plug and play.

Its tips only must be sterilized by autoclave.Must SOPROLIFE be calibrated before use?No.Can we sterilize SOPROLIFE at the autoclave?No. SOPROLIFE must be used with intra-oral barriers supplied with the product. You can contact your dealer to purchase other dental barriers.Can we sterilize the black tips at the autoclave?Yes, they can be sterilized at 134°C - 2 bars - 18 minutes. We nevertheless advise you to change these tips after about fifty cycles of sterilization. Get acquainted with the colors visible on the screen of your dental imaging device by fluorescence to make your dental diagnosis.What represent the white, blue, red or black areas which can been seen on the tooth?According to the pathologies of the tooth (destructured enamel, affected dentine, anfractuous fissure, presence of a crown), the signal of fluorescence of the dentine will be different (weaker, darker, redder, absent)Does SOPROLIFE generates « False alerts »?When SOPROLIFE generates a red fluorescence in a fissure, it is either due to a caries or to organic deposits.

In this case a cleaning (pounce bag, air abrasion linked to Na bicarbonate ) is advised only in the suspicious fissure in order to avoid a falser alert.Why is the tooth green on the screen?The spectrum of the signal of fluorescence (let’s call it 'its color') is rather in the green when the dentine is healthy and red/dark when the dentine is infected.Why is the level of intensity of the signal of fluorescence +/- high from one patient to another?The light must cross the enamel to excite the dentine. Following this excitation, the dentine send back a signal of fluorescence which must cross the enamel to be interpreted. The thicker the enamel is, the weaker the signal of fluorescence is. The intensity of the green light will be weaker and gradually tinted with blue (because of the way through enamel). This is the case for the cusps. Use of the tips supplied, use of the buttons and other devices To know how to manipulate your dental imaging device by fluorescence.What is the use of the buttons I et II on SOPROLIFE hand piece?To shift from Mode I (Diagnosis) to Mode II (Treatment) but also to DAYLIGHT Mode (White light).What is the use of the black tips supplied with SOPROLIFE?The protective tip allows to isolate SOPROLIFE from any external light during its use in Fluorescence mode. It is also advised to move the light of the scialytic so that it is not directed at the patient’s mouth.How to freeze a frame?SOPROLIFE is equipped with a SoproTouch (Sopro trademark).

You just have to brush the SoproTouch once the selected image appears on screen. The image is automatically freezed on screen and saved in your software if it is configured accordingly. If you prefer using a remote control pedal rather than the SoproTouch to freeze the image, you just have to plug the pedal (supplied as option) on the docking station (if this one is equipped with a pedal input). In this configuration, the SoproTouch is inhibited.

Compatibility of your SOPROLIFE, supplied softwares. All about the cleaning and maintenance of your SOPROLIFE.How to clean SOPROLIFE?SOPROLIFE can be cleaned with a disinfecting wipe (Type Septol from Pierre Rolland).Which cleaning products are prohibited on SOPROLIFE?No products with ammoniac, trichloroethylene, dichloroethylene, ammonium chloride, aromatic and chloride hydrocarbons, Methylene chloride, cetones, which can damage the plastic parts.Can we sterilize the black tips at the autoclave?Yes, they can be sterilized at 134°C - 2 bars - 18 minutes. We nevertheless advise you to change these tips after about fifty cycles of sterilization.

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– High sensitivity.1/4’’ CCD – Resolution(752×582) PAL; (768×494) NTSC – Definition.470 lines – Sensitivity.2 lux – Lighting 8 LED – Focus adjustment. Fixed focus– Freeze Frame. SOPRO Touch or pedal (option) – Angle of view. 80° – Dimensions (mm).

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