.Associated acts, Framework, IsolatedMembers. Scott Crouse.

Ian Edwards. Dennis Merrick.

Erick EdwardsPast members. Ben Read. Kris Wiechmann. Michael Riccardi. Jesse Buckley.

Karl Buechner does it again. A mastermind vocalist and fantastic supporter of the straight-edge movement. Earth Crisis advocates non-violence but. Earth Crisis / Neutralize the Threat; More albums. We are here to provide you all about your favorite bands and get you inside information about the best heavy metal artists in the world! Bugs, suggestions, critics? Hit us by the email below and let us know. We appreciate your feedback! E-mail: info@metalbehavior.com. 2011 release from the American Hardcore band, their second album since reuniting in 2008. With Neutralize The Threat, Earth Crisis have crafted their most.

John MosemanEarth Crisis is an American band from, active from 1989 until 2001, reuniting in 2007. Since 1993 the band's longest serving members are vocalist, guitarist Scott Crouse, bassist Ian Edwards and drummer Dennis Merrick. Their third guitarist Erick Edwards joined the band in 1998.The band has released eight studio albums, three compilations, two live albums and six music videos. The band is known for supporting, promoting a and lifestyle, and addressing further social and political issues. Earth Crisis is considered a crucial developer and influence for both the metalcore genre and vegan straight edge movement. Album cover of by, which inspired the band's nameThe band originally formed in 1989, after bassist proposed the idea to his friend DJ Rose, whom he knew because both together. Rose became the vocalist and they were joined by Jesse Buckley on drums and John Moseman on guitar.

Established in the latter part of the heyday, where many groups disbanded and their members stopped being, they wanted to 'keep that torch burning', as Buechner said. 'The feeling of disappointment we had in those bands lead us to promote straight edge as being a lifetime commitment to never touch a drop of poison. We wanted people to know they can believe in us.' Rose named the band after the from the British reggae band, because its cover portrayed many of the things they 'would stand against', such as the, the two blocs of the and.Its initial lineup was short-lived; they had two or three practices and played a show in. After that performance, DJ Rose decided to quit the group to spend more time booking shows.

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Karl Buechner continued composing and formed a new lineup of the band in 1991, after attending a skateboard demonstration where he met members of the also band Framework. He switched to lead vocals in the process and was joined by four of the five members of Framework: guitarist Scott Crouse, bassist Ian 'Bulldog' Edwards, guitarist Ben Read and drummer Michael Riccardi, all who participated in EC as a side project. 1992's three song EP All Out War marked their debut release and shortly afterwards this became their first priority.In the summer of 1993, at the start of the All Out War tour, Earth Crisis recorded the EP in the studio of Bill Korecky in Cleveland and released it through. For this album, Riccardi was replaced by Dennis Merrick. Later on, Ben Read was replaced by Kris Wiechmann., their first full-length record, was released in 1995 and would eventually become the best-selling album in the history of Victory Records. Later this year, the band's touring van was involved in an accident that injured all band members, most severely Merrick. During his recovery time, the other band members began the group with Riccardi, DJ Rose and another friend to remain occupied.

Subsequent years and breakup: (1996–2001) 1996's brought a more complex and developed form of metalcore and, shortly thereafter, they were asked to take part in the inaugural, including one song for its. Their popularity grew, resulting in a deal with, and the band released in 1998, the first with guitarist Erick Edwards (bassist Ian Edwards's brother) replacing Wiechmann. The album was produced by and featured a guest appearance by vocalist and guitarist.The band later returned to, releasing 2000's soon after. With more emphasis on production and a change of style steered towards, it drew mixed reactions from critics and fans but had a wider exposure in mainstream music.

Their final album before their breakup was 2001's, which included of songs by, and.In 2001, Earth Crisis disbanded on good terms because some members could no longer engage in a full-time touring band due to their personal lives. They played the final show of their initial career at in Syracuse. After the band's breakup in 2001, Buechner, Bulldog and Erick Edwards went on to form, a band named for the. Meanwhile, Crouse and Dennis Merrick moved to California and formed the group Isolated. Reformation (2007–2009) On January 27, 2007, the reunited Earth Crisis played the Maryland Metal and Hardcore Festival. Although it was originally planned as a one-off concert, numerous American and European dates followed thereafter.

Earth Crisis headlined the Firestorm Fest in early 2008.On September 10, 2008 it was announced that they had signed a worldwide deal with Century Media. They entered the studio on October 16, 2008 to record a new record, and was hired to mix the project. The finished album, was released in Europe on April 20, 2009 and in North America on May 5, 2009.In August and September 2009, Earth Crisis played America and Europe on the Hell on Earth Tour, alongside, Waking the Cadaver, Thy Will Be Done. Latest releases: (2010–present) In March 2010, they announced that drummer of and formerly would serve as a touring musician for a portion of the band's upcoming tour, as Merrick will only be available for certain dates.In July 2011, Earth Crisis released their seventh studio album,. The album was mixed and mastered. The tracks 'Raise' and 'Total War' were released online as an album teaser.Earth Crisis released their eighth studio album on March 4, 2014.

A comic book of the Liberator series published by was made in collaboration with the band and released simultaneously with the album, sharing similar conceptual ideas and artwork. Musical style and influences Although ideologically tied to the movement, the initial musical influences of Earth Crisis were mainly from bands such as,.

After the All Out War EP, they developed an increasingly technical and heavier style, citing bands, and as prime inspirations. Buechner's vocals became rougher with each release as well, culminating in the completely Gomorrah's Season Ends. Magazine referred to this album as ' taken to a new level, all the blackness that was hinted at on Firestorm realized in all its formidable glory.' In this period, many of their songs were built on Merrick's drum beats.Their third studio album, Breed the Killers, maintained the previous aggressiveness and its growled vocals were 'taken about as far as possible', but it followed a structure more akin to the 'post- hardcore of the Path of Resistance record Who Dares Wins', according to Shawn Macomber of. Dennis Merrick said: 'On Breed the Killers I think we achieved the most honest representation of our sound without sounding too raw or too slick'. Its follow-up, Slither, had a change of style that steered towards.

Buechner declared that, rather than being influenced by other styles, they 'resurrected' the sound of All Out War in a proper way, which also had melodic choruses and spoken word verses.Their first post-reunion album, To the Death, was described by Buechner as 'a mixture between Destroying the Machines and Breed the Killers.' According to Stereo Killer, it was 'arguably the band's heaviest offering' but with 'more traditional verse/chorus/verse' material. Neutralize the Threat followed a similar path, but 'with a Gomorrah's Season Ends vibe thrown in', the band stated. Scott Crouse said that he always tried 'to get the perfect blend of heaviness, imagery and listenability' and that these two albums were the first to 'hit that mark'. Salvation of Innocents included, in addition, some clean vocals that were compared by one reviewer to the band, as well as 'some elements of European ' and faster songs.When asked what ten bands inspired Earth Crisis over the years in a 2016 interview, Scott Crouse named, Judge, Agnostic Front,. Lyrics, views and activism.

(NCS writer Andy Synn reviews the new album by venerable metallic hardcore act Earth Crisis.)A confession – though my tastes these days run more towards black metal and melodic death metal, when I originally “found” the alternative scene it was through hardcore. Introduced by an older, wiser friend via a series of bootlegged tapes of various hardcore acts ( Snapcase, Earth Crisis, Sick Of it All, Vision of Disorder, etc), it was music with a primal grasp of aggression that was totally different from anything else I’d heard. I was familiar with rock and metal, there were bands I really liked in both genres, but the passion of hardcore really hit me hard.

I was hooked. And although following my induction into hardcore I got deeper into much heavier styles of metal, ending up discovering the speedy melodic attack of melodic death metal and the oblique darkness of black metal, I still retain a love for the sound and am anxiously awaiting the next V.O.D. Record in particular.But this is about Earth Crisis, once a relentless hardcore force of straight-edge aggression, who after several years in the wilderness returned to the fray with 2009’s To The Death, kicking and screaming with renewed energy and vitality which carried them all the way to the front of the hardcore pack once more. Now Neutralize The Threat doesn’t make many massive changes from the formula that brought Earth Crisis back to prominence, but it does serve to further cement their position as an unstoppable and fundamental force in heavy music. (more after the jump.)Opener “ Raise” gets things off to a fine start, machine-like riffing and gravel-edged vocals that bring to mind the earlier, rawer days of Machine Head, condensed and packed into a bare-bones and brutal 1:25.“ Neutralize The Threat” only builds this energy further, electrified Slayer-esque riffage and satisfyingly brutal drumming continuing in the punishing vein of the album opener. The bass-lines are taut and rigid with tension, exploding in thunderous bursts of rumbling power that provide a deep foundation for Karl Buechner’s impassioned and raw screams of rage and frustration. The song also manages to create an escalating sense of threat and terror, which lifts it head and shoulders above other, more brainless, proponents of metallic hardcore.“ Total War” opens strongly, with a hypnotic, machine-gun riff driving the song forward.

The shifting, melodic chords of the (extremely catchy) chorus add a different element to the band’s sound that recalls the blistering melodies that infected Breed The Killers, while the awkward harmonics of the bridge draw influence from the more angular sounds that permeated Slither. I was but a freshman in college, in the late 90’s when I heard my roommate bumping Earth Crisis for the first time. I was immediately transfixed by the sheer anger and aggression pumping out of those speakers. The music was simplistic, yet innovative with their earlier material containing dozens of unique sounding riffs in every song. Even though hardcore was oversaturated during this era, with Victory Records churning out any band with a scream-o, white guy front man, Earth Crisis had a sound and a niche that was all their own. They could be imitated, but never duplicated.

All the elements that made EC so great, are completely absent from ANY of this new material. Maybe it’s just that after all these years, my tastes have changed? But this music is boring, watered down, and has no soul to it. I’m not feeling the conviction in Karl’s vocals, either. SOunds like some guy being forced by the label head into screaming because that’s what’s cool and will sell records at Hot Topic’s across the country. Give it up EC, you’ve forgotten the oath that set you free. I don’t really listen to a lot of hardcore, but I liked this!

It’s not a run out and buy it immediately for me, but it sounded good.I’m not sure about the straight edge thing though. I mean, I can get behind not destroying your life with heroin or crack or meth or what the fuck everbut the idea of saying that I should never, EVER drink whiskey kinda makes me think you’re a silly-walking-funny-pants-wearing goose. I mean, just absolutely crazy-pants-silly goose!!!!!But, that aside, good music!(To clarify, if you don’t wanna drink whiskey, I’m totally cool with that.

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Straight edge just seems like a weird life philosophy to me. Morbidcorpse, I do not understand your comment: “SOunds like some guy being forced by the label head into screaming because that’s what’s cool and will sell records at Hot Topic’s across the country.”Label Heads are what are ruining metal/hc these days by forcing them into CLEAN SINGING, not screaming. You have it totally backwards–nobody thinks that they will sell more records by screaming.

It is selling out with clean singing for teenie-boppers at Hot Topic and Bestbuy that has ruined pretty much all of my formerly favorite bandslook at the new UNEARTH for exampleDisgusting example of a SELL OUT!!!! In all seriousness the best way to deal with aggro/homophobic/trollish comments is not to address them directly. Don’t rise to the bait. Don’t legitimise them with a response.I am thankful for a platform to express a reasonable and considered opinion. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me and welcome discussion/disagreement, but thankfully it’s gotten to the point where I don’t really even see the sort of comments which exist solely to aggrandise the commenter themselves, the sort of “superior”, “I-know-better-than-everyone-else” type of comment which exists only to legitimise the commenter’s own viewpoint, rather than raise any serious issues or considered dissent.The more you learn to ignore such things, the easier it becomes. They just disappear into the general sound and fury of the internet.But still I think this album will appear on my “disappointing” list at the end of the year.

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Even though I think several songs are absolutely KILLER the record as a whole isn’t. Hard to put the feeling into words.

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