1. Enemy Front System Requirements

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This guide for the Enemy Front includes a comprehensive walkthrough, which encompasses the entire single player campaign mode, and also includes a considerable handful of hints for every situation. Apart from they, it ensures you with the opportunity to learn about the controls, listed here in the form of a comprehensible table and provides you with the detailed system requirements listing for PC version of the game. Enemy Front is a first-person shooter (the FPS) developed by the Poland-based CI Games that takes place at the time of World War II. It takes place in the Europe ravaged by war - in countries such as Germany, France or Poland and it revolves around an American war correspondent Robert Hawkins. The game does not differ, considerably, from many classics of the genre, such as the Call of Duty series or the Medal of Honor, because it is based on similar proprieties. It is mainly based on completing, more or less, complicated missions, killing successive waves of enemies so, in short, on the personal crusade to save the World. Enemy Front is powered by the CryEngine 3 technology known from the Crysis series.

The title, however, does not look as beautiful as the German shooter, as it is developed primarily for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.The guide to the Enemy Front includes:. Controls list. Game Interface.

Enemy Front System Requirements

General hints. Walkthrough for the singleplayer campaign mode. Collectibles. System requirementsKuba 'Zaan' Zgierski ( ). Enemy Front Video Game. genre: Action. developer: CI Games.

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publisher: CI Games. platform: PC, XBOX360, PS3. rated: PEGI: Age 18+ / ESRB: MatureEnemy Front is another FPP shooting game set in the time of World War II, but this time the focus was mainly on presenting the Warsaw Uprising, during which a huge portion of production takes place. The title was created by the Rzeszow and the London branch of City Interactive, which became famous mainly due to the series of Sniper: Ghost Warrior.

For several months (from November 2010 to October 2012) the famous developer Stuart Black helped in the development of the game, who is responsible for, inter alia, a spectacular shooter called Black. Due to different visions of the game, the developers resigned from his services.The player assumes the role of Robert Hawkins – an American war correspondent who came to Europe plunged into war to narrate all the events. Hawkins priorities changed quickly, however, when with his own eyes he saw the cruelty of the Nazis and therefore decided to join the resistance movement.

The action of Enemy Front takes place during the Warsaw Uprising, but the developers used the memories of the main character to show the war in other countries, including Norway, France, and Germany.The game does not differ from the rest of FPSs, being inspired by the classics of the genre like Medal of Honor and Call of Duty. The game gives the players a series of tasks - from defending a church with a heavy machine gun, through sniping enemies, to the more open missions.

During these stages the player can decide on his own how to get the job done, thus it is possible to attack enemies directly, but you might as well eliminate the individual soldiers quietly or by using various forms of sabotage (e.g. Time bomb detonator, exploding barrels, etc.).Enemy Front is powered by the CryEngine 3 technology known from the Crysis series.

The title, however, does not look as beautiful as the German shooter, as it is developed primarily for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Still, the game has its highlights, including the forest stages and the Warsaw uprising which was sought to reproduce as faithfully as possible. Developer and Publisher Website.

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