All of my arrangements can be sent to you electronically as easy-to-open PDF files. Even better, MakeMusic, the company that puts out the music composition software Finale and its related products, offers a free download to enable you to open Finale files.NotePad makes it possible for you to view, listen to and print these music files. What a great way for you to preview songs for your quartet or chorus!

Download Finale NotePad for free. Finale NotePad - Download for free With NotePad you can quickly and easily: singingCreate scores of up to eight instruments, including lead sheets, guitar tablature, choral music, and much more.

To download Reader for Windows or Mac, just go here.Whether you use any form of Finale or not, all of my arrangements are available as PDF files. These are quite easy to deal with, since virtually any computer can open and print them. Also, MIDI files are available for almost all songs, so you can hear the music as well. There is no charge for electronic previews.Cool, eh?

Creating sheet music involves some trial and error and a large amount of crumpled paper. Finale NotePad makes music notation much easier. Instead of writing down your notes on real paper and erasing them each time you make a mistake, you can simply place your notes on virtual staves, along with any other symbols and undo any mistakes instantly, with a single click.

Besides creating a musical composition from scratch, the application allows you to import and edit existing music as well.Finale NotePad is available for Windows and Mac OS X and it is offered completely free of charge. It can be installed quickly, without making any complicated settings along the way. The application's hardware requirements are modest and it doesn't ask for any supplementary tools or services.The main user interface resembles an advanced word processor, but instead of a blank page, it displays a series of staves. The application places a few useful customization options at your disposal, when you start a new project. Besides specifying the composition's name and choosing a paper size, you can also choose from a wide range of instruments, to create an orchestration of up to 8 staves. Additionally, you can select a time signature and a concert key signature.Notes and other symbols can be inserted by selecting their corresponding options, located on a toolbar and simply clicking on the staves. Each time you insert a note, the application will play its corresponding MIDI sound.

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What's more, you can play your entire composition at any time, if you wish to hear your creation, rather than humming. Compositions can be exported as MIDI Music XML files. It is also possible to import files, in the same formats, after which you can edit them however you want.Pros:You can insert and edit musical notes and other symbols without any effort. The application allows you to create orchestrations with multiple instruments and you can also play your entire composition. Finale NotePad can export and import compositions, in Music XML or MIDI format.Cons:There are no obvious issues to mention.With Finale NotePad, you can focus on your music and create beautiful compositions, without any technical issues getting in your way.You can download Finale NotePad free.

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