Gearwrench flex ratchet
  1. Gearwrench Flex Ratchet

GearWrench 82411 Metric Flex Hex Key Set, Satin Finish. Gear wrench 6-Piece metric hex key set consisting of: 45090C 3 millimeter,. BIT SOCKETS AND FLEX HEX™ KEYS. The latest Gearwrench new products and events, like us on Facebook. 56603G 13 Pc. SAE ALLEN® Hex Key Set.

I saw these recently at a tool shop and I had not seen similar ones before. They felt good in the hands and seemed to be good quality (although I am a Bondhus allen wrench fanboy). I did a quick search and did not see a review on your site, or maybe I missed it. Have you run across these before? They seem really nice and I wish I could figure out how to justify buying a setI have seen these before, and actually own two sets – a metric set in a Hex Pro pouch, and an inch set without the pouch. I don’t recall if the inch set came with a tray or not. My metric ones have a black oxide finish, the inch ones have a chrome or bare metal finish. My loose inch flex-head hex keys are MIA at the moment, and so I have really grown to appreciate the pouch that came with my metric set.It’s weird to see the current under Bondhus’ domain. Apparently Bondhus acquired the Hex Pro line of products back in 2013. So did they buy the line of products or the entire company?

Gearwrench Flex Ratchet

I guess it doesn’t matter.Previously, these Hex Pro drivers were sold under Hex Pro branding, and then Gearwrench branding. I see that there are similar tools under Motion Pro branding, but Amazon reviews complain about the sourcing and quality suggesting they’re not the same tools.

Regardless of branding, the tools all seem to be made the same.Anyway so how well do they work? That’s a tricky question to answer, as I don’t really like using these in place of regular hex keys except in certain situations. But in those situations, they work remarkably well. Hex Pro flex-head wrenches work best when you need to loosen or tighten fasteners with a fair amount of travel. They can reach into spots too awkward or tight for ratchets and hex bit sockets.Definitely NOT garbage.

These are good tools at the least, great even when they shave a lot of time off a project.Sometimes they’re time-savers, sometimes they’re problem-solvers, sometimes they sit in my tool drawer collecting dust. Well, not the inch hex keys – as mentioned I haven’t a clue as to where they are right now.Also, Hex Pro only makes their flex-head hex keys in limited sizes. There are a couple of metric sizes, inch sizes, and Torx sizes, but there are only a couple of sizes per each tip style. So even if I wanted to use these in place of regular hex keys, I couldn’t. Bondhus says that Hex Pro hex keys are available in 24 different sizes, with a full list.This Bondhus product video shows how these hex keys are best used:The video shows how the long arm of a Hex Pro hex key can be swung around the hinge point.

This allows users to keep the hex key engaged with the fastener while turning a fastener for more than a couple of rotations.And if there’s an application where you really need a particular angle, you could always tighten up the pivots to prevent too much flopping around about that hinge point.I paid maybe $30-35 for each of my sets. If I recall correctly, the Torx set might have been priced a little more – maybe $45.You can buy Hex Pro sets at a number of distributors, with Bondhus’ site specifically drawing attention to Fastenal. Prices range from too much to way too much, compared to what I remember paying a couple of years ago.I thought that these were made in the USA, but cannot find a current reference to confirm this.At the $30-35 price point, I do recommend Hex Pro hex key sets. They’re gotten me out of a couple of binds, and are well made overall. But they’re not must-haves. In my opinion, don’t even consider these until you have a good set of inch and metric ball end hex keys in your kit.But at higher prices? They’re useful, but I can think of better ways to spend the money.

$65 for a 5 or 6-piece set? No thanks.If anyone finds these at a great price anywhere, please let me know so that I can add in a purchase link!P.S. Has anyone tried Astro Pneumatic’s double swivel head hex keys.


I’m intrigued by their potential to reach around obstacles.If you have used these before, what do you think about them?(via Amazon). They’re hex-key wrenches, so I wouldn’t have much need for them. I have several sets of “conventional” hex wrenches; I also have a few screwdriver hex bits, both 1/4″ and 5/16″, which fit into hex sockets. I have 1/4″- and 3/8″- drive handles as well, so I feel I have the bases covered.If I was a repair tech that encountered hex screws daily, it would make sense to have these to simplify things (fewer pieces to carry). I’m not sure how often other readers encounter hex fasteners; am I in the minority?

Recently picked up the Bondhaus set at local supplier. Used a couple a few times but more as a trial by fire than requirement. Fit behind airbox of a 964 to loosen a bracket mount a bit easier than a small 1/4 ratchet and bit socket. They were a wash vs a rat/socket on a 1.8t coolant manifold.

Useful enough to keep em parked in drawer next to the micro hex/torx sets for sporatic use. I can think of a couple w/p’s that these may decrease R/R angst. Overall quality is acceptable but not on par with Bondhaus’s regular offerings, imo. Allen, I do maintanence on rusty farm equipment as well, and there are a couple tricks that help bust loose those rusty lock collar set screws on a manure spreader.First, use penetrating oil of some sort, or just as good, a half half mix of acetone and ATF.

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Find a punch that reaches to the bottom of the hex recess without buggering the corners of the set screw. Whack it several times with a hammer. The larger the set screw, the better this works. Don’t worry about hitting too hard. If you dent the shaft with the bottom of the set screw, just file or Emory cloth it smooth. Small price to pay to be able to get it loose.For smaller set screws, or ones not terribly rusted in, use a bit socket in a breaker bar, bent at a right angle, and tap on it with a hammer, like you are trying to hammer it deeper into the set screw. There even is a special tool just for this, that fits into an air hammer, available with a 1/4 inch hex socket, or a 1/4 or 3/8 square drive on it.

Gearwrench flex wrench

You pop on whatever drive bit you need, and hammer away. A handle allows you to apply torque to loosen the set screw. It needs a lot of space to use, but they really work good.Lastly, if you need to apply heat, first try heating only the set screw. Set the torch HOT, and concentrate the heat to the bottom of the set screw. Try to get the set screw red hot as quickly as you can, while keeping the surrounding part as cool as you can. Often, when it cools, it will shrink enough it can be busted loose. You will pull the temper out of the set screw, but not your wrench.Good luck, hope this helps some.

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