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I understand I can open a ticket with you and have you migrate the server. It's a nice offer and I'll probably take you up on it in the future, but for the first migration I'd like to give it a shot myself to get some more experience with Cpanel.The server I am migrating has owners with multiple websites each. The WHM transfer tool doesn't seem to like that, wanting to rename the users presumably to avoid name conflicts. That's not really convenient as we'll then have to explain to a lot of users why they suddenly have to login to different accounts to manage their websites. Does WHM not allow multiple websites per user?

How do we get around this problem? You are correct that cPanel does not have an equivalent access level as Plesk's 'Client' accounts. This is basically the access level that you're talking about. A Plesk 'Client' account has access to any number of 'Subscriptions'.Since cPanel does not have an equivalent 'Client' access level to migrate to, we skip right to the 'Subscriptions' (the true sites/content). Each subscription is migrated over as a unique and independent cPanel user account. So, you lose that higher access level that allowed you to manage multiple subscriptions with a single user/pass.You can, however, mimic this behavior by setting them up with a Reseller Account on the cPanel server.

Active Directory Migration Checklist During an AD DS greenfield installation and migration, system engineers need checklists to keep up with what they should be doing to stand up a new domain. This checklist is a working checklist, one that has been created here for peer review and peer additions. Dell published the version 8.10 of the migration software Quest Migration Manager for Active Directory. The new release 8.10 will allow using Windows 2012 domains and domain controllers in Inter-Forest migration projects as migration target infrastructure.

Once you migrate all accounts for a given client, choose one of those accounts as their 'primary' account. Then, set it up as a reseller account. Lastly, assign their other accounts as 'owned' by that newly created reseller.This will allow the user to login via WHM with that reseller account and easily manage/login to their multiple accounts.Further information on how cPanel's resellers work can be found here:This is what we recommend on a routine basis for those migrating from Plesk and desiring to mimic that same Client - Subscription access style. I recently decided against Plesk myself.I got a new server, as I was previously using Plesk 8.6.x which wasn't that bad. Hey Eric,Welp, color me embarrassed. Yesterday, I received an email notification that a reply was made to this thread, but the poster removed their reply.

As such, I commented on your 3 month old post.C'est la vie.However, it prompted a rainbows and unicorns response from you, so I cannot complain. I am happy your experience has been so good.Working on the migration team, I can say, 'trust me, I understand the pain of the subscribtion introduction,' with Ples.

Migrate Ad Users To Office 365

Working with that has indeed been an adventure.Best of luck.

Install Plesk Migration Manager For Active Directory 2016

Eliminate active directory

NoteIf you do not run adprep.exe command separately and you are installing the first domain controller that runs Windows Server 2012 in an existing domain or forest, you will be prompted to supply credentials to run Adprep commands. The credential requirements are as follows:.To introduce the first Windows Server 2012 domain controller in the forest, you need to supply credentials for a member of Enterprise Admins group, the Schema Admins group, and the Domain Admins group in the domain that hosts the schema master.To introduce the first Windows Server 2012 domain controller in a domain, you need to supply credentials for a member of the Domain Admins group.To introduce the first read-only domain controller (RODC) in the forest, you need to supply credentials for a member of the Enterprise Admins group. NoteIn order to manage a domain-joined computer using Server Manager on a workgroup server, or vice-versa, additional configuration steps are needed. For more information, see 'Add and manage servers in workgroups' in. Installing AD DSAdministrative credentialsThe credential requirements to install AD DS vary depending on which deployment configuration you choose.

For more information, see.Use the following procedures to install AD DS using the GUI method. The steps can be performed locally or remotely. ImportantIf you close Add Roles Wizard at this point without starting the Active Directory Domain Services Configuration Wizard, you can restart it by clicking Tasks in Server Manager.On the Deployment Configuration page, choose one of the following options:.If you are installing an additional domain controller in an existing domain, click Add a domain controller to an existing domain, and type the name of the domain (for example, emea.corp.contoso.com) or click Select. To choose a domain, and credentials (for example, specify an account that is a member of the Domain Admins group) and then click Next. NoteThe name of the domain and current user credentials are supplied by default only if the machine is domain-joined and you are performing a local installation. If you are installing AD DS on a remote server, you need to specify the credentials, by design. If current user credentials are not sufficient to perform the installation, click Change.

ImportantDo not store the Active Directory database, log files, or SYSVOL folder on a data volume formatted with Resilient File System (ReFS).On the Preparation Options page, type credentials that are sufficient to run adprep. For more information, see.On the Review Options page, confirm your selections, click View script if you want to export the settings to a Windows PowerShell script, and then click Next.On the Prerequisites Check page, confirm that prerequisite validation completed and then click Install.On the Results page, verify that the server was successfully configured as a domain controller. The server will be restarted automatically to complete the AD DS installation.Performing a Staged RODC Installation using the Graphical User InterfaceA staged RODC installation allows you to create an RODC in two stages.

In the first stage, a member of the Domain Admins group creates an RODC account. In the second stage, a server is attached to the RODC account.

Install Plesk Migration Manager For Active Directory Windows 10

The second stage can be completed by a member of the Domain Admins group or a delegated domain user or group.

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