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Palo Alto Firewall Deployment Modes

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What Is App-id In Palo Alto


Virtual WireThis is exactly the same technique used by intrusion detection system, but instead of IPS this is applied to Palo Alto firewall. This technique is also known as bump wire where a pair of physical interfaces is paired as a single “wire”, to the switch and router that is connected virtual wire firewall there is no existence of any firewall to the router and switch point of view only a single “wire” is connected between them. A pair of interfaces is paired together to form one single “wire”, one interface is trusted and the other untrustedOther brands firewall I have used have routed and transparent mode, virtual wire firewall is similar to transparent mode. Palo Alto Networks firewall when in virtual wire mode can transport vlan tags like a trunk link, there is a “default-wire” which also pairs a pair of ethernet interfaces but is transporting untagged vlan traffic.Configurationadmin@PA-5050 configureEntering configuration modeadmin@PA-5050# edit network interfaceedit network interfaceadmin@PA-5050# set ethernet ethernet1/1 virtual-wireedit network interfaceadmin@PA-5050# set ethernet ethernet1/2 virtual-wireedit network interfaceadmin@PA-5050#This is to define the virtual-wire pair.

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