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We are happy to release our latest new version of KMIA KMIA v5.KMIA airport all buildings objects and ground polygons made from native PBR materialsSurroundings of KMIA, and over 200 square kilometers of photo scenery coverage. City buildings, covering Miami Beach from Bay Harbor to Key Biscayne with custom made PBR buildings.SODE animated PBR jetways for the best jetway animation possible.SODE controlled lighting, automatically illuminating when low visibility and rain conditions.SODE controlled rain effects, enabling wet PBR surfaces whenever rain is present.Custom animated airport vehicles.Special slippery condition for runways/taxiways that would affect braking action whenever it is raining.And much more.

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I am having a problem with Dynamic Lighting at KMIA. It is very impressive but when you fly into this airport at night there is no Dynamic Lighting. However, if you start P3D at the airport the Dynamic Lighting is indeed on (and is amazing!).

But flying INTO the airport it is not. After researching it seems this is a common problem with multiple developers. See the following discussion from the P3D forums:I have also seen this issue at FTX KSAN.My Flightbeam, ImagineSim KATL and the new FSDT airports all have DL that work perfectly when you fly in.I am surprised this has not received more pub. Does anyone have an idea how to resolve this issue?

I have submitted a support ticket to LatinVFR but as it is a common problem among multiple developers, I cannot believe this would not have been seen in testing before each was released? What good is DL if it doesn't work when flying into an airport?Dave. Do you run any traffic addon? If yes then please disable it and make a flight with NO traffic at all.Can you tell us if the issue is still there?BR,GeraldOk I disabled UTL but unfortunately no luck. I can change my location to KMIA using the sim menus and it works perfectly.

Bently Nevada. Asset Condition Monitoring. ADRE. Sxp Software and the 408 DSPi (Dynamic Signal Processing. Users can directly initiate manual samples. Structural Analysis Results (w/Transfer. Bentley nevada adre 408 manual transmission.

But if I change location to KFLL and fly 20 miles south it doesn't work. Sooooo baffling. I am still working with their awesome customer service. They haven't given up on me. I just don't understand why the fix seems to have worked for others but not me.

Hello; I'm trying to modify LatinVFR's KMIA for some clear jet ways. The scenery uses BGL jetways and I want the 'crystal' jet ways (So I can. LatinVFR KMIA Update, North Terminal by Editor UNITED STATES – First announced just yesterday, LatinVFR has posted a couple more preview images from the developers upcoming product update for Miami International Airport (Prepar3D V4.4+ only).

Latinvfr Miami V2

DL works perfectly when you fly into all of other DL enabled airports (well, I think FTX KSAN may have this issue as well). FSDT, FlyTampa, Flightbeam, Imaginesim all work for me when I fly in from another airport.Dave.

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