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Mad TV is a cult classic in Europe that is virtually unknown in the U.S. Mad TV 2 adds better graphics, more shows and options, and a lot of hilarious spoofs of. Sign in to like videos, comment, and subscribe. Watch Queue Queue.

Don't believe me??? Just read my review. Okay, first of all, i know that this is a kid's show, but it doesn't mean it doesn't have to be funny. Now, I'm a child of the 90's, so I grew up with Nickolodeon before it became a sellout channel.

We had 'All That,' 'Kenan and Kel,' 'Invader Zim,' etc. We also had 'Beavis and Butthead,' 'Daria,' 'Futurama,' 'Greg the Bunny,' and 'King of the Hill.' Now, I realize that this is a show aimed towards 7 to ten year old kids with the intent of being a more kid friendly version of one of my favorite shows: Robot Chicken. Only problem is, it's not funny. It's pretty much nothing but bad puns and lowbrow crude humor. I mean, the puns are REALLY bad.

I mean, come on CSiCarly?! That's just pathetic by my standards. Now, for the toilet humor, I mentioned Beavis and Butthead, who were actually quite funny. But most of the humor came from their stupidity and their love of heavy metal, nachos, and chicks.

60% of the jokes in MAD involve zits, farts, poop, burps, blood, vomit etc. Crude humor can occasionally be funny, but if not properly executed it just makes you feel sick and disgusted, instead of making you laugh. Also, the voice acting is so freaking annoying. I mean, with Family Guy and Robot Chicken and the Simpsons, the voice actors are great and can do several voices. With MAD, the male announcer is basically a pompous sounding, annoying moron. The female lead is real annoying because, while she only has one voice which isn't really that remarkable, has done some pretty good stuff for some other shows such as Futurama and Family Guy (She was Brian's girlfriend) it's nothing new.

It's the same voice and it gets real old real fast! With Seth McFarlane, Alex Borstein, and Nancy Cartwright, Mike Judge and Seth Green, they have such a repertoire of great voices.

I understand that this is kid's humor, but if you really want the truth, I think if I had a twelve year old son, I would much rather let him watch robot chicken than MAD, because dark comedy is better than toilet humor in my opinion, whether it's appropriate or not. 'Mad' is a painfully unfunny series which fails at making any kind of decent parody of even the easiest targets.

In fact, this show fails at every single level, being one of the worst television series that I've seen in my entire life, being ugly, obnoxious, dumb and poorly made, having any single flaw that any program could have. All the 'parodies' done by this series are idiotic: Most of them consist in doing a stupid crossover without sense, or making one incredibly lame pun about two franchises with similar names, either way, the result is always something dire and completely unwatchable. The animation of this series is terrible: Each chapter of Mad features different art styles, having all of them in common an almost unbelievable level of ugliness, with awful and unappealing designs and a horrible use of colors.

The most pathetic thing from 'Mad' is the lame use of Internet memes, all of them which have been used to death in forums and image boards many years before the start of this series. Honestly, there are many YouTube videos that are cleverer and make a better use of Internet memes than this atrocious show. 'Mad' is one of the worst programs that I've seen in my entire life. I would rate it with a negative score if I could. I'm a huge fan of mad magazine and it's great to see an mad cartoon show on cartoon network, but as a geek I debate how faithful it is to the magazine.

But overall it does a good job at staying true to the magazine in essence, but it's not exactly like the magazine. The show is aimed at a more younger audience then the magazine, targeting twilight, icarly, high school musical and etc. Another major difference between the show and magazine is that the magazine makes a lot of social & political humor, while the show focus only on entertainment. But the show stays true to the mad magazine spirit.

Like the magazine, it has movie and TV parodies that play like mini stories and probably the best part of this show are the different uses of animation style, it is really visually appealing and impressive how they bring all these different styles together and by doing this it also stays true to the magazine, as different artists with different styles work on the magazine, from Al Jaffe to Don Martin. My favorite part of this show are the movie, TV parodies, their not exactly like the magazine but it very much in essence is.

And to be honest it's hard to be just like the magazine because what works in print may not work in animation. In the magazine they ridicule the title and character's name and kind of critique the plot, but I must admit the show has some really, really good movie parodies, their well written, witty and truly funny. I like when they use the animation style of people's actual pictures and animated it, it makes the movie parody that much more better. Their first one 'Avaturd' was great! The title avaturd instead of avatar is very mad magazine.

Poppa smurf and grover made cameo appearance, a lot of blue and cat jokes. 'Uglee' is another great parody, the song was great! Saying how glee's a rip off of other high school singing premises. 'Star Blecch' is a great parody of the star trek movie,the best part is when captain kirk's dad saves the ship from exploding and his wife text a picture of their baby and it's Alfred E. Newman and he decides to kill himself! Other great parodies include ' the social netjerk','class of the titans','super80's','kung fu blander', which had a nice surprise cameo by spy vs spy. The movie, TV parodies are clever, often bringing two unlikely things together that somehow fits, like 'clawfice', merging x-men with the TV show the office.

It's really well written, the voice acting is great, the dialog is great with a lot memorable quotes. The sketches in between are good, like 'celebrities without their make-up' the show adapted a few things from the magazine like the don martins, snappy answers, mad marginals and spy vs spy, which began with so so animation but got better over time and in the 2nd season they started using a nightmare before Christmas cartoon style, which looks really good and I love the music, it sound's sinister and that's perfect for spy vs. But unfortunately no 'lighter side'. I like the cameos by Alfred E.Newman in sketches.

Kitchen Nightmares before Christmas was another great parody with Gordan Ramsey entering nightmare before Christmas and terrorizing the monsters, the song was hilarious, 'what's that!' As a hardcore fan of the magazine, with a subscription, I'm happy to see a cartoon series based on the great mad magazine and I look forward to watching it every Monday night. I remember on Cartoon Network back in the late 90s that TV-Y7 was the norm. Sometimes PG, but only movies.

Why does CN feel the need to shove out so many TV-PG shows out recently, especially if THIS is what happens? Well, I watched an episode. Actually, I TRIED to watch MOST of the episode. Didn't happen.

Maybe kids who appreciate the fact that they get to watch big boy stuff will enjoy the crudeness, but how this aired more than one episode is beyond me. Seriously, I bet the worst Teletubbies episode can outdo the best Mad episode. Because of this, I'm going to rip off other shows like Robot Chicken and try to make it suitable enough for kids. Then, I'm going to replace any possible profound comedy with shock value actions like puking or turds blowing up or whatever the hell happens on a regular basis. Because it is lame. Please don't listen to all of the haters on this site, MAD is one of the funniest, wittiest, and most creative kid shows I've ever seen.

I remember being very sad when Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends got cancelled. I thought the Golden Age of Cartoon Network was over, but along came this show called Mad, which made me realize that Cartoon Network can still make hilarious shows no matter what. For those who don't know, Mad is a 15-minute sketch comedy that parodies things like movies, TV shows, celebrities, and current events. Every episode is made up of many 5-second to 1-minute segments. A lot of people have been calling it a 'rip-off of Robot Chicken', but the truth is Mad and Robot Chicken are not the same thing. It's like comparing apples to oranges, they're both fruit, but they have different tastes and textures. Mad is far different from Robot Chicken (depsite the creator being a former writer), it is based off of Mad magazine and is like if the magazine came to life on your screen.

Mad used every kind of animation, including traditional animation, stop-motion, claymation, CGI, even occasional puppets. I've seen every episode of Mad, and even though I don't get a few of the references, I can find humor in all of them. The voice acting is also very good because the voice actors often sound like the people they're spoofing, for example Kevin Shinick, the creator and main voice actor, can sound like many different celebrities and fictional characters from Nicholas Cage to Fred Flintstone. People also say that Mad uses too much toilet humor, but remember, Mad is a KID'S show, kid shows are known for using toilet humor and the magazine also uses plenty of it as well. I haven't read one Mad magazine without a fart joke in it, and by the way, certain 'adult' cartoons like Family Guy overuse toilet humor a lot more than Mad does.


I also really like the Spy vs. Spy segments, because they remind me of the magazine, which I also really like. I think the funniest thing about Mad is the parodies, I could seriously go on all day listing every Mad sketch I find funny. Most vintage and modern day Cartoon Network shows only have occasional funny moments. I also remember being very upset when I found out Mad got cancelled, I loved the show so much and was very disappointed to see it go. It just saddens me to think that Cartoon Network gave Annoying Orange another season, but cancelled this hilarious show. Don't you think that orange has overstayed his welcome?!

All in all, Mad was one of the best shows to ever hit the channel, and I will make sure to watch reruns on days I am feeling down, because this show always cheers me up. Just when you thought Cartoon Network, oh excuse me, CN couldn't get any worse, they air this pile of monkey feces. You wouldn't believe how awful this show is unless you watched it yourself, I watched a couple of them and my brain felt numb after seeing just one. The parodies consist of mashing up two or more pieces of pop culture with an idiotic, lazily thought up puns for titles like Mouse MD or Naru210 or Jersey Thor.

Barely any of these made me laugh, truthfully the scenarios and jokes could work if it was done by people who had an actual sense of humor. These skits are reminiscent of the disastrous travesties made by Seltzer & Friedberg; same lazily inspired parodies where they barely know nothing about what they're parodying, we're expected to laugh simply because they're there and because they mash these references together. Actual jokes? References to the subject being satirized? Who needs that when you could just come up with lame, nonsensical drivel and pass it off as satire.

Perhaps the worst thing about this show is the animation, Oh my Lord this makes Adventure Time look like Paprika. If you watched these you'd swear it was one of those awful youtube animations. How did these people even get into the animation industry? The designs for celebrity live action characters look like Saddam & Mel Gibson from South Park, only badly done and unfunny. Here's my proposal to those in charge of CN because obviously they're gonna read this review, hire people who actually have a brain, a sense of humor and respect for the audience.

Stop hiring fresh out of college rookies to be in charge of shows and please do not hire stoners. Watch some of your classic programming that put your channel on the map, see what they did and try to follow their example by coming up with creative concepts, lovable characters and material that people of all ages can enjoy. While Adventure Time & Regular Show are mediocre, they're a step in the right direction, but MAD is ten steps back. This show reminds me a lot of Robot Chicken.

Only difference: Robot Chicken is funny. Some might say that's because this show has to limit it's humor in order to be appropriate for kids, but seriously, it's not funny to anyone who is sane and over the age of five months. It's jokes consist of poorly made parodies with titles that are horrid, unfunny puns, pop-culture references, and low-brow humor about vomit, puke, saliva, and mucus. Now I'm not saying that it's bad for kids to be exposed to this humor, but shouldn't the humor be a little less childish? I think it would be much better if the target demographic was exposed to humor that isn't so ridiculous. The first thing I will talk about is the voice acting.

It's annoying and is a pain to everyone's ears. They use the same male voice actor and female voice actor ALL THE TIME. Robot Chicken does this, but at least their voice actors can do their job right and sound better. The male voice actor is, most of the time, a smug-sounding TV announcer that haunts me forever and the female voice actor does a wide range of voices, but she CANNOT pronounce her S's. She puts what to much emphasis on her S's. Whenever she says 'what's up' it sounds more like 'what'ssssssssssss up'.

I will talk about the parodies now. They are extremely bad.

First off, the 'artwork' is TERRIBLE. It's mainly just the heads of the original actors with their eyes and mouths replaced with really ugly cartoon drawings and their bodies are also really ugly cartoon drawings. Plus, the creators are terrible at making lyrics for remixes of songs from the movies/shows they are parodying. To finish up, I will talk about the other types of humor. They constantly add Spy vs Spy to every episode, but none of the Spy vs Spy skits are any good. It's all humor stolen directly from Looney Toons and Tom & Jerry, only it's made to be much worse.

Mad Tv Series Free Download

Then you have fart, poop, boogers, vomit, and spit jokes. The worst jokes of them all. Almost every single 'reject (blahblahblah)' skit involves making a character/toy/food that involves pooping/peeing/vomiting/boogers. Basically: Don't watch this show unless you enjoy torturing yourself. I don't know what most of the negative reviewers were expecting.

I saw the same things they saw: juvenile, silly, and shallow humor.just like the magazine. It's so very like the magazine that I keep expecting to fold the inside back cover to get the last joke. My only regret is not being 12 yrs old again to truly appreciate it. It's never going to be mature enough to be on adult swim, but that's fine. There has to be something in the middle for the early teens to laugh at. That's how Mad Magazine found an audience in the first place.

If you're over 15 and watching this, go watch the onion or some monty python. This isn't for you. Ah, so Cartoon Network has shows that have been very successful lately. We have Regular Show and Adventure Time and the Friday Night Line-up is also strong. Then, we have this.A show that's similar to Robot Chicken that jumps from skit to skit with its basis on humor. It uses a mix of animation with celebrity heads on cartoon figures, fully drawn cartoon skits and the occasional CGI or puppet. The animation is lazy but its still good to look at.

However, a show is only as good as its writing. Surely, a show that's similar to Robot Chicken and comes on after Adventure Time and Regular Show should have good writing. Most of the skits in this show consist of taking another TV show or movie and combining it with something else so it rhymes. Then they attempt to combine the characters to make jokes about both shows.

However, they tend to lean one direction in terms of the jokes and they simply are not funny. In between some of the skits, they have these 10 second skits which are also not funny at all. Its just a play on words or a poorly done visual gag. Spy has no luster with the spies only making one or two twists rather than the 4 or 5 twists in the magazine. Now, I know you're thinking 'Ameph.you're a 25 year old guy watching cartoons.

What do you know about cartoons?' Which I reply, 'I've watched cartoons for 25 years of my life. I know what makes a cartoon good.'

And frankly, there is absolutely nothing good about this show. There is the occasional rare skit that turned out to be funny or clever (Namely, the Halloween special had the Nightmare Kitchen before Christmas and Veggie Tales from the Crypt) but given that the show's target age group is about 12 and under, would they really know anything about Nightmare Before Christmas, Veggie Tales or Tales from the Crypt? Those are well before their time. In the end, this show is downright terrible. The jokes are terrible and aren't funny, the animation is sloppy and lazy and the voices are forgettable. Why its still on the air is a true mystery.

They should put Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated in that slot so they can solve that one. This was possibly the most hated show on Cartoon Network, but I'm not on those haters side because it was funny! I can't believe Cartoon Network ended this and brought in some junky shows like 'Clarence'. The parodies and everything were neat and hilarious, like example, there was one episode where the Green Lantern becomes the Green Care bear!

And there was another one where Garfield invents a no Monday calender! There was also one where they parody 'Move like Jagger' into Move like Jabba!

There's also one where instead of 'The adventures of Tin-Tin', The adventures of Taun-Taun. If only Cartoon Network can bring shows like this back because now a days, there's the awful show 'Uncle Grandpa' and the even worse show 'Clarence'. I'm not listening to haters of this show it's Awesome, funny, and pretty epic.

They call this show 'Mad', when it should be called 'Overused, Unfunny and Unoriginal Jokes about Pop Culture Icons, the TV Show'. Seriously, every 'skit' in an episode of this show is literally consists of one or more of the following: 1. An unfunny parody of a movie/television show, often editing the name to something random, like 'W.W.E.R.' , or 'Class of the Titans' 2. An unfunny pop culture reference poking fun at a celebrity for almost no reason 3.

An unfunny and sometimes gross parody of a product in the market, such as 'Throw-active' 4. The occasional (or should I say UNoccasional) skit, featuring something I enjoyed while reading Mad Magazine, such as a Spy. Spy animation. This really only entertained me due to the nostalgia I felt from seeing a particular skit. Number four doesn't really fit in with the other three elements of the show, however I will give them some credit on making a few funny jokes/skits. Honestly though, Mad is like a soft-core version of Robot Chicken, except the writing and voice acting is simply downright unfunny, and untalented.

So unfunny I would even go so far as to say that, personally, I would rather watch the even less funny shows on the Disney channel. The only funny joke I've seen from Mad was how IMDb listed it under the comedy shows. How it is still has a time slot on television is one of life's greater mysteries. Hey Guys It's me RegaulrShow1 here again and today I'm going to review Cartoon Network's 'MAD'.

'MAD' is a sketch comedy that aired on Cartoon Network from September 6,2010 to December 2,2013. The first episode is called 'Avaturd/CSicarly which aired on Cartoon Network on Labor Day 2010 at 8:30PMET/7:30PMCT. I really love 'MAD' it's very funny but a lot of people say it a Robot Chicken rip off but it's really isn't a rip off guys is has one of the same writes from 'Robot Chicken'.

Anyway my favorite sketch is 'Gross and Beyond Gross' and 'Celebrities without Their Make Up'. I also love the 'MAD' News Guy who usually starts the episode. BOTTOM LINE: I Love 'MAD' and I'm giving it a 10 out 10 stars.

Anyway Guys I'm RegularShow1 and have nice day. MAD is a very good show. But its not for little kids. Because its rated TVPG. It has some sexual innuendo one skit called Grey's in anime had a girls skirt lift up into the air. Mary Jane is spider mans babysitter and talks in a seductive voice.

And a woman is seen with 3 breasts. Its very violent. A girl from the navi beats up blue from blues clues. In a parody of toyrus a giraffe pulls out a knife. And his toys that are advertised are hurting kids like baby cuts a lot lectro land play sets skill-saw and playdont. And then at the end he hits a kid with a baseball bat. Mickey mouse saws off bob the builders thumb.

A guy shoots a kid. A girl shoots a guy. A guy punches a girl in the face. A guy tips Thomas the tank engine forward so hell murder the little town of strawberry shortcake.

A guy is seen injured on the ground and a girl asks for help from the guy and he says uh not today and walks off. Dr hibert from the Simpsons says a guy is going to the hospital and says really because i think you just cut off your leg. A woman seen baking gingerbread men gets arrested by the gingerbread men police. In one spy vs spy skit black spy gets shot in the eyes and his eyes are bleeding.

And a guy pushes a girl into a volcano then jumps in himself. And there's some swearing like crap and a few censored f words. And there's a drug reference were the tricks rabbit flushes cereal down the toilet.

With that being said i think MAD is more for young teens and up and is a very good show for teens and adults. Although I am not familiar with the 'Mad Magazine', I know that this show is hilarious.

All it is, is a lot of juvenile humor mixed in with topical stories and poking fun at celebrities and movies. Some of my favorite episodes are 'Star Blech' and 'Mouse MD'. I urge everyone to watch those to get a feel of the show. However I do I have one issue. The 15 min runtime is somewhat upsetting. Imagine the hilarity that could come from a half hour or even a full hour (but that is just wishful thinking). Many of the older generations will find this show rude, crude and sometimes inappropriate, but remember this show is not aimed for you, and if you don't know who the celebrities are or have seen the movies, well then you can get lost and miss out on the jokes.

All in all, it is a silly show that will keep you laughing. (At least for 15 min). Why did I say that, you may ask? Let me tell you something for all you new generations out there. When I was the kid, the '90's Cartoon Network was original and pure genius. Pound Puppies, Dexter's Laboratory, Cow and Chicken, Looney Tunes(Not the new one with Lola), Johnny Bravo, Alvin and the Chipmunks, and Tiny Toon Adventures were the masterpieces of Cartoon Network History(The Pound Puppies I'm true to the most).

Nowadays, ever since Adult Swim premiered after the late '90's, Cartoon Network is falling apart. Plus, new cartoons have premiered and they were hardly original. They include Adventure Time, The Looney Tunes Show(With Daffy Duck begin the most idiotic of all the Looney Tunes characters), and THIS. I'd puke if I have to stand one more minute of this pile of garbage. Can you believe how stupid the episode titles are?

And since when did Pooh became Marshall Pooh anyway?! If you born in the 1990's and prefer the shows I described earlier, steer clear from this piece of crap and all the other pieces of crap made by the Cartoon Network of today. You know what I mean? I've always loved Cartoon Network because of what it's been for more than a decade; a channel where I can forget the daily drama of real life and enjoy good cartoons. But seriously, lately it's been like a punch in my face every time I turn on my TV, tune in CN and I find myself with this pile of junk that Mad is. The first time I saw it I thought it was in its first episodes so it would get better as it went on, but it's been 3 seasons already here where I live and each episode gets more painful to watch.

This has got to be the worst show I've ever seen in my life; and that's coming from a former Mad Magazine reader. This show feels incredibly lazy, rushed and with no imagination whatsoever. I do my best to change the channel every time it's on so I don't give it any rating, but I feel the sheer idiocy of this show is what keeps me watching it for at least a sketch or two. If you're an intelligent person you'll spend face-palming after each and every agonizing minute it passes throughout the show. The scripts are pathetic and the animations terrible. Spoof is an dying genre, and Mad does nothing but placing the last shovel of dirt and the tombstone into it. What's even more painful is that this is the kind of trash kids are watching these days.

Keep it up CN and we'll have a generation full of brain dead idiots. Shame on you, Cartoon Network for accepting this trash in your programing. You need to rethink the concept of your channel.

Bring back shows that make children actually use their brains. Shows with feelings, values, well thought original plots and also substance.

Sure, The Regular Show and Adventure Time are funny and well thought, (especially The Regular Show for early 80's kids like me), but don't rely on these silly and soulless shows to represent your brand. Especially TRASH like Mad. One of the more interesting things Cartoon Network has shown, Mad is ridiculous enough to be funny. Nothing about this show is that bad. It is bad in a silly, amusing way. It could be a poorly designed, purely kiddie cartoon instead but I don't think too many people like over the top kiddie stuff either.

Will we ever be happy? I never heard about the magazine before seeing this. The humor can be crap at times but that's the best part.

There are worse shows that are actually popular and watched by tons of people, because they agree more with what they see. Maybe there's a lack in originality here but it's maintaining it's difference by standing out. You can't take everything you watch that seriously and this is one of those things that's so random it just makes me laugh. It gets a 10/10 for not being incredibly horrible, or crowd pleasing either. I've seen this show every day for two months because my little sister loves it, and I'm quite obligated, so i can say this crap is NOT FUNNY.

You know, I like parodies, in shows like 'Robot Chiken', where they make jokes about good shows mixing them. Here they want to do the same thing, but with awful scripts and montages. I remember a joke with Julia Roberts telling Tom Hanks that she was in 'Larry Crowne' and Tom answers 'Awful', that was the only joke I like, that is sad, a comedy with 62 episodes and one only good joke, ITS NOT A COMEDY. Anyway, the magazine is pretty funny, the drawings are originals and interesting, I can give it like 7 stars, but the creators fu.ed it up with the show. I'm sorry, but I think 'Mad TV' is the worst thing on TV now. It's basically Robot Chicken for kids though more hit or miss. Some people like it some people don't.

I'm more in the middle. I feel like the first season was hilarious and as the show progressed it got less and less funny. One thing that stayed great were the Spy vs Spy segments. They were so inventive. Interestingly they were claymated in later seasons. A lot of the gags parodying ads and infomercials were funny and clever. If you like parody then i'd say check it out.

Mad Tv Series Free

If not you can probably skip this. MAD is just painful to watch honestly, I remember when I was really young and there used to be MAD magazines at my local newsagent I was never interested in these but I always noticed them when I went to pick up the,latest Simpsons issue. Now on to the show aspect, I know it is trying to be like Robot Chicken but aimed at kids but it just isn't working.

The comedy comes out as forced, slapstick or just plain stupid. The fact that this show parody so many movies, cartoons, anime, and general history is just stupid. I give it a two because I remember laughing once or twice. Do me a huge favour and just skip it. Jesus,and i thought Supernoobs was horrible, but this makes Supernoobs look like a well made anime. MADtv was a good show that had a successful run, but cartoon networks incarnation of MAD,is just,horrible.If you hate cartoon characters, than MAD understands you,which is why i hate it, it generally portrays cartoons characters as prissy wimps or annoying gays, although some cartoon characters are classified as normal, they betray Spongebob as a 1 dimensional laugher,and betray the Backpack from Dora as a Pokemon Tool and a Mr men character as a tool only for getting killed,and they usually use DC,Marvel,Star wars,and live action movies/shows that were stupid if not horrendous.

I hate this show so much. It entirely rips off the awesome Adult Swim series Robot Chicken. Technically, all it is is a kid- friendly Robot Chicken. The jokes aren't funny at all. There may be one or two that are funny for every twenty episodes. It's not that entertaining, either.

The 'jokes' are either plain gross, or just a bunch of stupid crap that was ripped off of Robot Chicken. It's just a stupid Robot clone. This show, along with Johnny Test, Annoying Orange, Pokemon (2010+), Beyblade (newer episodes), Ben 10, Ninjago, Amazing World of Gumball, Dragons Riders of Berk, Teen Titans GO, and Grojband need to be canceled off the air forever. Cartoon Network, do me that favor.

Jesus,and i thought Supernoobs was horrible, but this makes Supernoobs look like a well made anime. MADtv was a good show that had a successful run, but cartoon networks incarnation of MAD,is just,horrible.If you hate cartoon characters, than MAD understands you,which is why i hate it, it generally portrays cartoons characters as prissy wimps or annoying gays, although some cartoon characters are classified as normal, they betray Spongebob as a 1 dimensional laugher,and betray the Backpack from Dora as a Pokemon Tool and a Mr men character as a tool only for getting killed,and they usually use DC,Marvel,Star wars,and live action movies/shows that were stupid if not horrendous.

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