Over the past few weeks I've tested a number of +RW recorders. I like the fact that +rw discs are the same price as +r/-r discs, and while -ram is a lot more versitile, it's nearly 3 times the price in Australia.

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Basically I ended up have a bad experience with all the +rw recorders I tested and I returned them all and opted for the Panasonic E-50.The recorders I tested:Digitrex GKX9000 (Apex DRX9000):It was at the bottom of the price list and for the price did a pretty good job. It did have issues - too much brightness in the color of recordings, copy protection popping up when recording non-copy protected VHS tapes, and a weak TV Tuner. Digitrex in Australia said they would not release a FW update & that the FW update for the Apex 9000 was not applicable to this unit??? So much for customer service!

I returned the unit.Hyundai (not sure of the model #):A beautiful looking unit on the outside. A nice slim design in a good looking case, but that's where it ended! Once you turned it on it was a nightmare. It has the worst navigation I've ever seen. Very difficult to get around in. It also had a weak TV Tuner.

Malata Dvr 0900 Manual Dexterity Test

Malata Dvr 0900 Manual Dexterity

I returned it.Centrex (a Digitrex 9000 in a different case):The manual, the remote, and the navigation was identical to that of the Digitrex. I feared it may suffer from the same issues. I didn't buy it.Omni DW2105:Probably the pick of the bunch.

Again this could have been a Digitrex in disguise, without the issues, except for a weak TV Tuner. Navigation was the same as that of the Digitrex. The main issue I had with this unit was the fact that it didn't have a cooling fan. Even after just 10 minutes the unit became excessively hot and I thought that the disc was going to melt.

I could see this unit crashing from overheating in no-time at all. I returned it.Finally I came to the conclusion that you get what you pay for! I paid the extra and got the Panasonic E50.

Quality at last! I also have the E20, so I had the E50 setup in no-time at all, and I was away. This one I'll be keeping! It's been a real eye-opening experience over the last few weeks. Look very carefully at what you buy, before you buy!Andy S.

Also in other countries they have another brand's. As APEX is some what big in the USA but not in the UK or Australia. And alot of these companies buy DVD recorder from other companies and you do not know what your getting in to. Name brand product's like Panasonic Pioneer and JVC Sony and so on are alway's a good bet.

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But some time's the smaller guy's make great player's as well. APEX was very good a while back. APEX in the USA has a firmware update for VHS tape's. May be there's not firmware update yet for PAL as Australia is PAL.

So far doe DVD recorder's I love Panasonic. I didn't want this to turn into a slanging match against the +RW camp. My issues were with the poor quality units and not the + format: issues such as FW updates required, poor quality TV Tuners, poor navigation and no cooling fans in some units.

The quality of the + recordings was actually very good, with the exception of the over-brightness of the Digitrex.Maybe Philips should have been a little more carefull who they sold their technology to. Letting the backyard bandits load up poor quality units with the +RW technology really hasn't helped their cause. I have yet to come across a poor quality -R recorder, at least in Australia.So my issues are with the poor manufacturing of some +RW recorders, and not with the format itself.

By the way, I'm loving the Panny E50. A very well manufactured unit, constantly producing great results!Andy S. The problem is +RW is only supported fully by Philips, with no other mainstream manufacturer getting behind it on set-top recorders.

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