• Roland cube 20 is PERFECT to practice on and has everything for an beginner, even an absolute pro would be amazed by the cubes abilities. Operation is simple, clear manual, to have a good sound, it is another matter SOUNDS. 20 W transistor amp, 2 channels (clean.
  • Rating and Reviews: Roland Cube 20X Combo Amp. Feature: This amp is literally packed with features from onboard efx to a tuner. Sound is alright but it may be a little muffled.pretty decent though Feature: clean channel, acoustic, tube,.

The CUBE-20X has has a two channel configuration that lets you switch between a clean channel and a 'lead' channel, which features Roland's famous COSM modeling. The sounds available include Metal Stack, Metal, Overdrive, Distortion, Tube Drive, and an acoustic simulator taken from the BOSS AC-3 effects pedal. Free adobe to excel converter.

Manual Roland Cube 20x Amplifier Tubes

Manual Roland Cube 20x Amplifier Tubes Reviews

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TubesManual Roland Cube 20x Amplifier Tubes

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