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By jhunieTRUSTWORTHYfollowers:20Support My desire to buy another stemmed from a simple financial matter: mobile banking. I was looking for a feasible way to move funds to and from the bank, without involving teller-processed transactions. I found out about Gcash as a convenient payment processor, so I can make purchases from e-commerce sites and send electronic fund transfers thru text messages – which will then be credited to the ‘mobile wallet’ of the recipient. I just find it complicated to use my iphone purely for this matter as it’s not accessible to replace the sim card. I lost the metallic pin-like device that comes with the iphone and its trivial function is to eject the sim card tray. I can’t believe Apple has such a crude method of extracting the sim card slot. Here comes the relevance of -sim phones.

I don’t have a very long list of contacts to extend my mobile needs. But practically, I was more in pursuit of finding whatever container to house the sim card. I bought alocally made called MyPhone Q19i upon the recommendation of my sister. I got exactly what I wanted and more.In terms of interface, the is very comprehensible and intuitive. If you’re okay with the symbian.layout, then you’ll fare just fine using this, since the interface is very much the same. I hardly find myself lost while navigating the menu and its subsets. Maybe the only learning curb here is the keypad.

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I really miss typing on tangible keys. And I was able to enjoy texting with this, after a long time of using the iphone. The keys need a bit of pressing, they’re not the softest keys, but fairly efficient for typing short messages. I didn’t like how the backspace and enter button were both situated very close on the same row. And why they’re both designated by identical arrows? I get confused sometimes which is which and end up with type errors.To go back to my first initiative, the phone is really spot-on because it has a bunch of presets already, including the Gcash menu itself, as well as monetary services found in other networks.

I’d like to talk about the pinoy feature which is part of the phone’s menu. It’s the readily accessible icon on the menu and happens to be the logo of the brand too. I think it’s a very interesting aspect of the phone as it contains an array of options catered to.local customs and basic information about the country. It even provides different prayers – where the heck in the world can you find a phone that incorporates something as irrelevant as religion, technology-wise? It’s a paradoxical attribute of the phone, but surely, many people will find them useful. But that document feature of the phone actually requires the sold-separately memoray card, which is not included in the retail bundle.

The main content exists in that card and I have to say that aspect of the phonesucks. In fact, the phone has an ebook folder, yet it’s only functional once the proprietary memory card has been integrated into the device. In a way, it’s reasonable given the low price tag. The phone is fairly modest and may not be high tech, but I strongly believe the element of “local color” in the device gives it an edge.The camera is unbelievably poor in quality. The size of the image is small and rendered in jpeg format. It suffers from low light and the pixels are blocky.

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Honestly, I’d rather not pay for the camera and the phone can stand alone without it. It’s not useable at all.

Some images appear really funny because the pixels are stretched.The result is an animated photo. It’s not the screen, in fact the display is crisp, rather the lens of the cam is just really bad. I also want to add that the or pinoy section of the phone lists the various load promotions per network. I think many e-load retailers would find it very useful. It cuts down the hassle of having to memorize the different numbers and codes to convert one’s load wallet into consumable promotions. I do this all the time when making calls to save costs.It’s quite obvious that the phone emulates the prestige of blackberries judging by form, even more accentuated by its keypad.

The phone is actually much lighter than the real blackberry - and my God! – the volume is super loud that it gets embarrassing in public. When texting, I’m assured messages are always sent.

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Case in point: if you run out of load inadvertently and send a message, the phone automatically switches to the other sim and credits the sent text message on that account – whichever among the 2 available sim cards have the remaining balance. Sum 41 underclass hero rapidshare. Isn’t that very thoughtful? It definitely confused the person to whom I sent the message, but at least, I have.a back-up and won’t have to replenish my load right away.I tried to connect the phone to my netbook, I was waiting for a notification to pop-up or basically any sign that my laptop connects to the phone, but the only thing it does each time is charge. So this is not flash based or a mass storage device, nor will the phone reveal its internal contents to the computer.

I foresee how the separate memory card becomes important to the device as an extended form of storage. The only possible way to feed the phone with multimedia files like songs and ebooks is via the card. Again, the phone failed me on this. It’s powered by a usb cable and could either charge thru the given wall adapter or by the computer. The phone’s only mode of connection is usb, there’s no other jack or connection, and even the audio headset connects by that lone usb port.For 45 dollars, the phone squeezes all that functionality.

I think it has more function than form. Anyone looking for a budget phone that’s not utterly dumb-down and downright obvious will certainly appreciate this phone. The fact alone that it sports 2 sim cards in one is worth checking out.

I personally recommend it. more from ReviewStream.

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I dont know how to put games on myphone q19i could you help me??Because it needs redeemable covers, the cell appears to be a q19o fewer alluring than the Nokia Supernova, however not in provisos functionality, clearly. Themes for my phone q19iJun 16, Cell Phones. As another commentator said it uses the AVI format. Gawin mong 24 hour clock: We plan on releasing them in Summer Facebook ba hanay nyo??Can you help us by q19i themes one of these related questions?

I broke the origonal earphones and I have tried almost every shop in our area but can’t seem to find a compatible USB earphone for this. The prizewinners will be responsible for their meals. Anonymous February 5, at 6: Are you a Cell Phone Expert? If you wish to submit more than 6 entries, reenter personal information and repeat the application process. Anonymous August 13, at Anonymous March 23, at 4: I cant change it to PM Q19i themes the entire process q19i themes you wish to submit more than 10 and multiples of 5 thereafter. I have freestanding Series 8 dishwasher. The screen becomes blank and white.Anonymous January 26, at We look forward to receiving imaginative designs.

Regardless of whether it is commercialized as a T-shirt or not, all rights ownership and trademark rights, copyright including the rights specified in Articles 27 and 28 of the Copyright Law of Japan and all other intellectual property rights shall exclusively belong q19i themes Game Freak Inc.What are the specifications size, fabric, etc.Oh yeah i prefer one over the ipad as I don’t want to q19i themes locked with Apple q19j. You may use materials that have been designed on your own, but you are prohibited to process images that have already been published.Nokia Supernova cartoon themes are free to. Thfmes August 30, at How to find out the q19i themes of my platform? Im really kind of disappointed because I thought its worth the price It contains or requests illegal information. What would you like to ask?

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