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This composition for Jazz Ensemble includes 2 page(s). It is performed by Paul Murtha.

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.' Party Rock Anthem' is a song by American music duo, featuring British singer and American music producer. It was released as the first single from their second album in 2011.The single went to number one in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, New Zealand, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States. It also reached the top five in Finland, Italy, Norway, Poland and Sweden. It is the best-selling single of all time in Australia. Worldwide, it was the third best-selling digital single of 2011 with sales of 9.7 million copies. It is the third best-selling digital song in US history.

'Party Rock Anthem' is currently ranked Billboard 's sixth most successful song of all time. It is currently one of the 60 most viewed videos on, with over 1.7 billion views.' Party Rock Anthem' is a mostly electronic composition. After being featured in the 2012 film, the film won the for Best Music. The song also won the 'Favorite Song' award at the. Contents.Composition 'Party Rock Anthem' is composed in the key of at a tempo of 130. It follows a chord progression of Fm-E♭-D♭, and has a vocal range from D♭4-A♭5.

Party Rock Anthem Marching Band Arrangement Pdf Free

Music video Background The music video was released on March 8, 2011 and was produced by the two members of LMFAO, and, with the assistance of Shinzu Ai. It was choreographed by, and featured, members Hokuto Konishi, Victor Kim, Ryan Conferido, Steve Terada, Aris Paracuelles, Brian Hirano and Ryan Feng. The video is a parody of the 2002 horror film., featured in the song, also appeared in the music video. Director Mickey Finnegan described the concept: 'There's been an epidemic, the world has gone crazy, as soon as the song came out, everyone got possessed and all they want to do is to shuffle, everyone is a shuffler.'

The video features the dancers performing the, which quickly gained popularity in the.Video This music video takes place after the events of, the previous song by the duo. This video's opening caption says Redfoo and Sky Blu fell into a coma due to excessive party rocking and that their single was released the next day.

After the caption '28 DAYS LATER' is seen, Redfoo and Sky Blu are shown in a deserted hospital, waking up from their coma in a style similar to that of 's in the. Redfoo and Sky Blu exit the hospital into a deserted street full of litter and abandoned cars. They spot a man 'shuffling' to their own song before they are quickly grabbed by another man in a dress-shirt , a parody of Louis from and Shaun from, who hides them behind a car and explains to them that ever since their single came out, everyone around the world simply 'shuffles' all day long. Mid-conversation, the song begins to play in the street, and the man quickly hands Redfoo and Sky Blu some earphones for the purpose of muting the song.

Redfoo and Sky Blu insert the earpieces and are told to play along with the song. Soon, the street is filled with 'shufflers', including label mate, all dancing to the song. When another young man, sporting an cap, tries to escape from a building, he is surrounded by the dancers in a style indicative of a zombie mob, before re-emerging with new clothes and shuffling, having been 'infected'.Frightened after observing the fate of the other man, Redfoo and Sky Blu begin to dance along with the others, pretending to be infected, too. After the line 'No lead in our zeppelin', the shot cuts directly to the front of the hospital (which appears similar to the cover of 's 1975 album. This is a nod to the English rock band, whom the duo has cited as being a personal influence).

Halfway through the video, the previously infected young man dances towards Redfoo and Sky Blu, who look terrified. The video fades to black, but quickly opens to a new shot, in which it becomes apparent that they, too, have become infected, as they sing 'Every day I'm shufflin' and dance with the rest of the infected dancers for the remainder of the video, which finishes with the caption and interpolation, 'Every day I'm shufflin'.Filming location The outdoor scenes of the music video were filmed at Warner Brothers Studios 'New York Street' backlot, a five-acre site containing the facades of buildings on individual 'streets', recreating eight different areas of the city. Awards The video won the 'Best Video' award at the 7th annual edition of the.Chart and sales performance The song reached number one on the, becoming the duo's first number one hit in the US; it remained there for six consecutive weeks.

The song spent 68 weeks in the chart, which at the time was the third-highest number of weeks in the chart for a song in Billboard Hot 100's history. It topped the seven million downloads mark in the United States in July 2012, becoming the second-fastest song in digital history to reach this plateau – reaching it in 68 weeks, just behind Adele's ' which achieved it in 67 weeks – and the third-biggest selling digital single since began tracking digital sales in 2003. It has sold 8.1 million copies in the US as of October 2016 and over one million copies in the UK. It is the US's third all-time best-selling digital single.The song spent eleven weeks at number one in New Zealand and ten weeks in Australia. In New Zealand, it is the longest-running number one single since 's hit single ' in 2009, with over 45,000 copies sold. In Australia, it is the longest-running number-one single since ' by in 2006, and was the best-selling single of 2011.

Certified fifteen-times platinum, it is the biggest-selling single of all time in Australia, surpassing 's '.In popular culture Television, films and video games 'Party Rock Anthem' has been used in several TV series, such as in the first episode of, in the, episode 8 of, in the, episode 12 of, in the finale of, episode 5 of, in, episode 14 of, in the eighth season of and in the episode 'City Sushi'. It was also used in the opening titles for the reality,. There is a spoof of the song in the popular web series, in the episode titled 'Party Rock'. The song was also used in a sketch in a episode hosted by, and in Australia's Got Talent 2011, sung. Danced to it in the season 6 finale of.

Party Rock Anthem Sheet Music

In episode 8 of America's Best Dance Crew's season 7, contestants danced to the song. It featured in the trailer for the 2011 film and is also heard in the. The video game uses it on the DLC, which was released on February 28, 2012. In, the dance emote for the male pandaren is based on this song's choreography. Party Rock Anthem is also featured in 's latest arcade game release,.

Advertisements The song has been used in several advertisements, such as the Soul commercial featuring the Kia hamsters, the '2011 Sizzle Preview' commercial which promotes all of 's shows, and in a commercial for airlines. It also appeared in the 2011 Mofaya Summer promotion by South Africa.


UK used a cover of 'Party Rock Anthem' in an advertisement for their broadband and calls services in April 2012. It was also used for the 2012 advert, and in has used it for their advertisement, samples some tune in this song for Enduro Matic Motorcycle Oil commercial.Other.

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