Solved: Hi In order to send a batch of commands correctly to router, we could use script to send command line by line in Putty. Anyone can give some. Then I update the firmware, re-flash the Photon, and start a new puTTY session. Since the Photon will disconnect and reconnect COM3 when it reboots after flashing, I close the puTTY session and start another. But I can’t start another debug session because I get the same “Unable to open connection to COM3 Unable to open serial port”.message.

Contents.What is PuTTY?PuTTY is a free software tool that serves as an SSH and telnet client, presenting the user with an xterm terminal emulator. It was originally developed for the Windows operating system by Simon Tatham. PuTTY is open source software and can readily be obtained with its source code by downloading the putty.exe file.

Putty Serial Port Scripting

A group of volunteers currently develop and support the application. What is PuTTY Used For?PuTTY can serve a number of functions when used on the Windows operating system. It is one of the most used SSH clients for the Windows platform. It fills a gap in the Windows operating system, which does not include any SSH server or client software in its default installation.It is a versatile tool that is most often used in cases where a user on a Windows computer wants to open a remote secure shell (SSH) access session with a Unix or Linux machine. SSH provides encryption in creating a secure remote session. Once connected the user can remotely execute commands and transfer files between machines.

They also can monitor ports and devices that are attached to the remote computer.PuTTY also supports a number of other communication protocols. They include raw, rlogin, serial and Telnet. The login and Telnet protocols allow unencrypted remote logins that typically make use of dedicated ports.

Serial is an option that is used to connect a serial line and can be used to establish serial connections between two computers with no other network connection. Some Disadvantages of PuTTYIn order to monitor multiple devices or ports at the same time using PuTTY you need to have a separate session open for each device.

Putty Serial Port Download

This can make for a very cluttered desktop and information overload, and negatively impact your ability to properly watch the desired devices. It also means the creation of many log files to enable you to save your data for later analysis. Collating these log files into one file that can give you a representation of how your complete system’s serial devices and ports are operating can be an extremely difficult and time-consuming task.The tool also offers a limited ability to debug, monitor and control serial devices. While you can use PuTTY to enact a serial connection, the functionality of the tool does not lend it for extensive use when working with remote serial interfaces. If you plan to do considerable work with remote serial devices and ports, your best bet may be to seek a PuTTY alternative. Some uses of this PuTTY alternative for Windows 10 are:. Emulation of data exchange between Windows applications and serial devices.

Debugging communication problems with COM devices. Reverse-engineering of serial devices and applications. Device driver development for COM devicesEltima’s developers have created a tool meant to be used to facilitate the development, testing, and debugging of serial applications. This makes it the perfect PuTTY alternative for serial programmers.

A full suite of advanced features are incorporated into this software utility including:. There are four display modes available in the tool.

The table, line, dump, and terminal views all present your data in a unique format. Choose the view that works best for you or display all of them at the same time.

In Terminal mode you gain the ability to emulate the transmission of serial data to a serial port as if it was sent from the monitored application. Data can be sent in string, binary, octal, decimal, hexadecimal, or mixed formats. You can simultaneously monitor multiple serial ports. Serial applications can be connected to multiple COM ports at once and you can monitor the transmission within a single session. Data transmitted by the ports are recorded in one log file on a first-in-first-out basis, allowing for more comprehensive analysis. This may be one of the most useful features for the serial developer.


Modbus RTU and ASCII protocols are fully supported, and the tool enables you to capture and log data from RS232, RS422, and RS285 devices. A session playback feature enables you to more easily review a port’s reaction to a particular data stream.

This option allows you to repeat the identical data transmission to a serial port.provides an excellent alternative to PuTTY for anyone working with serial ports, applications, and devices. It gives you the terminal functionality of PuTTY along with the advances features of a serial port sniffer. Programmers and developers using the Windows operating system and working with serial devices need to add this utility to their toolbox.

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