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Race 2 Full Movie Bluray Torrent Download

I wasn't expecting much from the director duo after 'Players.' But, since Race was a very good watch, I watched Race 2 and was disappointed.

It starts with fabulous action sequences in great locations and as you try and perceive what it will be all about in the remaining 2 hours, a twist awaits you and the total number of twists we have here is colossal and that is why I gave it 5 stars. It is surely a thriller, I guarantee that. But too much of style and Bollywood punches ruined this broth. But, as a cinemaholic, I felt the plot was saggy, the performances by the cast wasn't up to the mark. Saif is cool, John is beast and lacks character depth, the lead girls act dumb and try VERY hard to be killers. Anil Kapoor has disappointed me the most with his not-so-witty jokes along with emcee voluptuous Amisha! And it also demands total attention or else, you will lose your way into this maze.

Direction is sweet; the screenplay sucks and the story, which has to be a foundation of such high-octane flicks is feeble, fickle and sometimes even super-fly. Music is like. Good - but the songs - film- makers were forced to slide them in. Race 2 is not a red-lounge-reclining seat movie, but looking at the 2013 releases, it is better than Matru but feebler than Table No. Bottom Line: Some Race 2 sequences will make you whine and swear, but the rest MAY.

I repeat, MAY make you happy. It is a type of movie where different people will have different verdicts.

And my verdict is it is a preposterous caper where no only a couple of rich Indians run the town. It is like hue & saturation. You can go for it if you haven't anything to do this three- day weekend! It will entertain you to some extent, but if you are a serious cinema-goer (and critic) and aspire logic, Race 2 cannot be compared with its predecessor or with any action flick for that matter.

'magnet' 'torrent' Race 2 Full Movie

Some pivotal plot points have been copied from Nicholas Cage starrer National Treasure & certain Hollywood spy movies. WATCH OUT FOR: Saif, explosions, ridiculous stunt scenes, numerous plot turns, expected ending, cheesy dialogues and a useless wrestling sequence.

Can be watched with a typical Indian family? YES Language: Clean Sex: No Foreplay: No Violence: Strong Gore: Very Mild Alcohol: Strong Nudity: Medium Smoking: No.

Race 2 Full Movie Bluray Torrent Download Hd

DID YOU KNOWDid you know that, the star of all three Race films, is not only a household name in India, but is also one of the most known Indian actors of the 21st century? Kapoor, who played the role of investigator Robert D’Costa in the first two films of the series and as the gangster Shamser Singh in the third, became globally famous for his roles in the hit American television series and the Academy Award-winning picture Slumdog Millionaire, in which he won a Screen Actors’ Guild Award for Outstanding Performance.Kapoor, the son of famous film producer Surinder, started his career early and starred in a film entitled Tu Payal Mein Geet when he was just 14 years old. He made his debut for a eight years later, albeit in a small role in Umesh Mehra’s Hamare Tumhare. His first lead role was in a Telugu film but really became famous for his performance in Tezaab, for which he won his first Filmfare Best Actor Award, and Mr. He also followed his father’s footsteps and became a producer, churning out movies that enjoyed moderate box office success and also acquired the rights to remake 24 in India.

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