Sep 26, 2018  The piano in Breathe Me. Let’s have a look at the main piano part, which stays the same for pretty much the entire piece. The piano is a constant – other instruments come and go to add some dynamic range. Because of this, the piano is an enduring thread, tying the whole song together, thin and small but unbreakably strong.

Sia Breathe Me Midi

Comments / Corrections (21):Guest(5 years ago)i do not get thisGuest(8 years ago)well done, i found sheet music after finding this:)Guest(9 years ago)please put the notes of breath on meGuest(10 years ago)It's because the melody goes like this:a-c-a-c-a-c-a-c-g-c-g-c-g-e-g-e-f-e-f-e-f-g-f-g.In the last chord, it turns out to be an F9 (or Fad.9, if you like)It's really quite simple. I figured this out by ear alone. The bass is, as mentioned, just octaves of A, C, and F.:)Guest(10 years ago)if you cant just figure this out with the chords that are given, go learn what a chord is.

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Youre just playing the notes in the chord over and over again. In the bass just play octaves of the tonic note in the chord.

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