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  1. Scan To Pc Application App
Scan To Pc Activation App ExecutiveScan to pc activation app keeps popping up

Submitted on 12/1/2018 Review title of WolfPoorly designed. Barebones capabilityFirst off, it's simply not 4k display ready. Now onto the real review: Important menus are hidden unnecessarily, and as it is strapped to the Windows UI, random menus have just one option in them. The default scan size isn't Letter, it's A4. The standard format isn't PDF, it's PNG.

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Scan To Pc Application App

That isn't even getting to the.real. problem: Windows Scan has no functionality. Forget about advanced features like OCR, we're missing the ability to CROP and resize quality based on MB to be used. Sure, it did what I needed it to do, but everything else is just leaps and bounds more capable.

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