Space Channel 5: Video Games. Space Channel 5: Ulala's Cosmic Attack. #1,799 in PlayStation 2 Games, Consoles & Accessories. Space Channel 5 Edit Main article: Space Channel 5. Space Channel 5 was released on December 16, 1999 in Japan for the Dreamcast. Set 500 years in the future where space travel is now the norm, it’s apparently still difficult to maintain ratings for a television station.

Space Channel 5 Ps2 Iso On Ps3 Pc

Space Channel 5 Ps2 Iso On Ps3

DescriptionCompatible with PlayStation®3.Hey there, SpaceCats – meet Ulala, the grooviest reporter in the galaxy! She’s got attitude, and she’s got moves. Help her get the scoop on an unidentified Dance Troupe that has captured thousands of people and is forcing them to dance!

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