Look for a 44B over the older 44.The newer model 44B had the upgraded trigger, large bolt head pin, heavier barrel, wider forestock etc.Serial numbers tell the models apart. 2 letters and 3 numbers are the older 44 models. EG: DGXXX3 letters and 3 numbers are the 44B model.

  1. Sportco Omark 44 Serial Numbers 56912

The original Omark Mod 44 started off with serial Nos at DA XXX and continued for a number of years up to DLxxx. The prefix was then changed to SDLxxx up to SDUxxx and designated as a 44B model.

Tell me the model number of the Central sight. Has it got the '7.62' stamped scale plate or the unmarked 303' scale plate? The former 7.62 marked scale plate was my design in 1968; and approved by the National Rifle Association of Australia in the same year. There are several versions of the Omark. Find SPORTCO MODEL 44 – 308 WIN in the Firearms - Rifles - Bolt Action Rifles category on. Firearm Type:Model Number. This model was first released in 1968 under the name Sportco, but manufacturing was taken over bu Omark in the 1970's. Serial 2020TRUMP0000 Limited Edition Henry Lever Action.22 Rifle!

ChartSportco Omark 44 Serial NumbersSportco Omark 44 Serial Numbers

EG: SDWXXX.Visually. The older 44's have the rounded full wood stock.

Sportco Omark 44 Serial Numbers 56912

The 44B has the square wide base, no top wood stock Attachments Model 44B Omark Weaver a (1)a.JPG (710.28 KiB) Viewed 1602 times Model 44 web7e559f8fd4f66ecb88c566ee59ac52bed8ac321b.png (218.92 KiB) Viewed 1602 times Bolt head pin 196150n.jpg (34.91 KiB) Viewed 1602 times RecruitPosts: 16 Queensland.

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