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Trantec S5000 Iem Manual

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/ / CAD Audio StagePassIEM: Wireless In-Ear System Review Nov 30 2015 CAD Audio StagePassIEM: Wireless In-Ear System Review.I was curious how wireless in-ear monitors in the under $500 range would function and how they would sound, so I went ahead and put the CAD Audio StagePass IEM and the Galaxy Audio AS-1000 personal monitor systems through their paces. This review will be for the Cad Audio StagePass IEM wireless in-ear monitor system.The is a complete in-ear system, meaning it includes one wireless stereo transmitter (TXIEM), one stereo body-pack receiver (BPIEM), and one pair of stereo earphones (MEB2). The system includes rack ears for mounting and a BNC antenna extension for when the transmitter is rack-mounted and the rear antenna BNC connector needs to be extended to the front panel.

Two AA batteries for the receiver are also included, and the system comes packed in a sturdy carry case for traveling productions and portable churches.The TransmitterThe StagePass IEM TXIEM is a 16-channel UHF agile stereo transmitter with discrete stereo separation. The SoftTouch buttons on the front of the transmitter make for easy switching between frequencies, and five segment LEDs indicate audio input. The LED on the front panel could be a bit brighter, but in a dim performance space they should do just fine. The TXIEM has been designed with a stereo/mono switch. This is a great feature for mixing consoles that have limited auxiliary sends; in the mono mode, a single input source will feed both the left and right input channels.The StagePassIEM has 16 UHF channels, which should be enough channels for a small church or a performance in a rural area where radio transmission is minimal. Switching between channels is easy, and once a new channel is selected, it is automatically locked in.

CAD added left and right audio input gain control, or AF as CAD refers to them. The AF control can serve as an additional gain control when audio output from the console is not sufficient.Wireless ReceiverThe wireless IEMBP bodypack receiver for the CAD Audio StagePass IEM is as basic as you can get for a wireless receiver. Two AA batteries power the receiver for up to ten hours (I have not tested this.). A small LED window on the face of the receiver displays the frequency or channel number. On either side of the LED window is an up and down arrow to change the channel. Holding either the up or down arrow for about five seconds activates the change channel mode (indicated by a flashing channel number), allowing the channel to be moved up and down.

Leaving the channel alone for five seconds locks in the newly selected channel.At the top left of the unit are two small single LED indicators that show the presence of radio frequency and audio frequency. The antenna on the top of the receiver is attached below the actual bodypack and seems to be sturdy and not too obtrusive.A standard 1/8” mini stereo jack for earphones or an in-ear monitor and a volume knob are also on the top of the receiver. Overall, the receiver seems to be built well and looks to have tight seams, making it safe from sweat and any other stage debris that may come in contact with the receiver.MEB2 In-Ear MonitorsThe StagePass IEM comes with one pair of MEB2 balanced armature dynamic in-ear monitors. The MEB2s have a sensitivity rating of 142dB @ 1mW. They come in a sturdy carrying case that your son or daughter will most likely commandeer as their own. It is important to mention that the MEB2 in-ear monitors seem to be built better than your average earphone or earbud, and since they are a balanced armature dynamic earphone, the output and sound quality should be better than most any generic earphones. Since I have custom in-ear monitors and the StagePassIEM is a duo unit, I did not test the MEB2 in-ear monitors.My TakeThe CAD Audio StagePassIEM falls into the budget wireless in-ear monitor system category.


I would recommend the StagePassIEM for a single musician or band on a small stage where there is a reasonable line of sight from the transmitter to the receiver. When operating at a nominal level, the Cad Audio StagePassIEM is reasonably quiet and has a nice, rich, present sound. If you are on a tight budget or have no budget at all and you really need to get into a wireless in-ear system, the CAD Audio StagePassIEM will do just fine.For a complete list of specifications and channel frequencies, please follow this link. Please join our news letter for gear updates and special offers and dscounts.

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