Do It Your Self Windows 7 Starter SNPC OA ISO Guide. 7 Computer Operating Systems To Find Online And Download To Your Computer. I have an Acer aspire one, the MBR broke when I screwed up a dual boot and thought I got a virus.

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Hi,I have a Lenovo Thinkpad T510 computer which was wiped clean yet has a Windows COA, I am looking for the WIndows 7 Pro ISO (X15-53895). I have already checked Digital RIver - the X15-53895 is not there.

I used what they had for tthe Windows 7 Pro (X17-5.) but that did not work. I have gone to Microsoft and they tell me that they do not support the version of windows I have (witth tke product key) as it is supported by the manufacturer, i.e.

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I cannot seem to find a place to download the Windows 7 Pro ISO (X15-53895) from Lenovo.1) is my understanding correct that I need the X15-53895 download?2) if so where can I find it?THANKS!!!

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